Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Lesser Dream to If Cats Ruled The World 
First we have a dream without one special person 
Then we have a world soon to be ruled by no persons 

A Lesser Dream (English sonnet

What would the world be like without your smile
Would flowers have a single word to say
And could a dream still linger for awhile
And music who’d bring music to the day
Imagine well we couldn’t you’re not there
Would flowers know that something was amiss
And could a dream be caught so unaware
And music who’d share music with a kiss
And reason wanders though an endless night
Without the soft touch of your fantasy
To help me bear another day for now
Would flowers drift onto another light
And should a dream exist less happily
And music who’d sing music who’d know how 

A lover explores a world with something missing in this English sonnet. This whole sonnet is different. The normal English sonnet of this type follows this form: A/B/B/A /B/A/A/B C/D/E C/D/E. This one floats though this form: A/B/A/B C/D/C/D E/F/G E/F/G. Note that all but the third stanza contain flowers, dream and music. In fact their structures are quite similar. In the third stanza,our hero wanders one step further. Yes, the words "flowers", "dream" and "music" have more than one meaning. 

As far as love affairs go, no book, movie or story could compare to Arlene and me. An unbelievable tale unfolded at Meadowood. Meadowood is a romantic resort in the Napa Valley, just outside the town of St. Helena. Arlene had won a weekend stay at the resort in a contest at her work. It is absolutely perfect if one likes the seclusion of the forest but likes to be spoiled by a large swimming pool, a 9 hole golf course. tennis courts, 2 restaurants and luxurious rooms. Meadowood has all these and more. All imaginatively designed into the woods so not to interfere with "secluded in the forest" ambiance. For some reason the resort was massively under-booked, so Arlene and I were upgraded. Our suite had a large bath which doubled as Jacuzzi and a large secluded balcony looking into the forest and the star filled sky. The next morning , Arlene and I were very hungry, For some reason we forgot to eat. At breakfast everyone at the restaurant was invited to a big wedding happening later that afternoon. This Arlene had to see and we weren't sorry. The bride was gorgeous. The entire event was massive and magical. The couple's wedding was almost like a production we were all part of. The pair's family fed us all, to the music of a live band. It was an unbelievable party. It went on long after we waved farewell to the bride and groom. So it was that two lovers danced among the trees under the stars.

It is a wonder-filled world we live in. Amazing things are all around us. All we have to do is take it in. A tree, a leaf, a bird, a song, a person's warm smile, so much that we often take for granted. Take the street we walk down everyday. How many things are there that we never noticed before, Throw in to seasoning of our memories, All the things that happened to us on those streets. Those streets. Believe it or not our neighbors (different people) see those same streets somewhat differently. Here's one more wonder, Sometimes those streets need us to make them complete. Example: A loved one looks out the window and sees an empty street. All of the sudden the street is transformed because we are there. We become a part of the wonder of "it all". That is where we walked. That is the bird's song. That is where the flower will grow. It is a wonder-filled world we are a part of. We are a part of it. Take it in. Appreciate it; and Enjoy.

Let's bring an answer to the sonnet: De Soleil "Dust"  

A new order is coming 

A cat's brain is more complex than a dog's. According to Psychology Today, "the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and a structure that is about 90 percent similar to ours." The cerebral cortex—the part of the brain that's responsible for cognitive information processing—is more complex in cats than in dogs, and cats have some 300 million neurons, as compared to 160 million in dogs. Some research does suggest that dogs are slightly smarter than cats, but cat's brains are more complex. 
This may be the theory behind Aaron Benitez, of AaronsAnimals, video. "If Cats Ruled the World" 

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If there's any kind of magic in this world, 
it must be in the attempt of understanding 
someone, sharing something. I know, 
it's almost impossible to succeed, 
but... who cares, really? 
The answer must be in the attempt.
Before Sunrise

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Reflection to Tactalisthenics 
A man reflects on mistake he wasn't prepared for
A teacher offer a exorcise that we might be prepared 

Reflection (poem) 

There’s not a lot for me to say
Who let a dream just slip away
I blame it on a brash blind youth
Who hadn’t learned to see the truth
I wish that he were me today
And oh the things that he would say
Of all he did that caused dismay
If he had taken time to see
That one day he would become me
Whose dreams are now called yesterday
There isn’t much for him to say
When all is now in clear display
Such memories of days gone by
He doesn’t see why I should cry
Could I be he for just one day
Now there we were what could we say
Was this a dream that went astray
This once was me now standing there
So unlike me without a care
This promise that was yesterday
There’s not a lot for me to say
Who let a dream just slip away
Now he is I and I am him
Reflections of a passing whim
A memory that was today

A man sadly reflects on the actions of a youth that brought him to today's poem. Five lines of five stanzas written in iambic pentameter compose this poem. Note that an original (changing) rhyme is trapped between a series of very similar rhymes. 

I was lucky to learn when I was young how some mistakes and missed opportunities could have lasting consequences. In my life, I have listened to the stories of people whose lives were ever changed for the worse by the actions of a younger them. (There were success stories too.) One of these fellows is my own brother. He was dating a girl when he graduated from high school. He didn't want to go to college, so she encouraged him to go to trade school. A plan that he kept putting off. Of all my brothers and sisters, he stayed with our mom the longest. Of all of us brothers, he is the best looking. So good looking that though he openly cheated on his girlfriend, she stayed with him. Her reasoning, "He'll be back with me." His reasoning. "We're not going steady or anything." Well in time a more serious suitor came her way and took her away. Eventually, my brother got tired of the "hot guy" scene and wanted to settle down. Guess who he wanted to settle down with? She turned out to be a good wife and partner to someone else and mother to that happy family. To make matters worse, he found out school and learning becomes harder as we get older, Not only that, he was years behind. There was a certain young man, he wishes he could shake and wake up (and see himself now).

For better or worse here we are today. We may have made some mistakes that we are still paying for. What can we do, after the fact? We can learn. Believe it or not our past mistakes make us stronger. (Not that we want to live our lives continuously making mistakes.) By accepting, understanding and working through our mistakes we have the opportunity of being a better person. We should not throw our hands up in the air because of something that happened in the past. We should and must maintain that "can do" attitude; That belief in ourselves. Do not allow the now to be one more thing that we regret in our future. We are products of our past. We are products of all we experienced, of all we were a part of, of all we took in, of all we accomplished.  This is a wonder-filled world. This is a wonder-filled life. With our past claim our part in it. There will come a time when we look back at the marvel that was us. Until that time and for that time Enjoy.

Is this a fitting song: Roy Clark "Yesterday" 

Now let's prepare for the future 

The firearm was invented in Sweden during the 5th century for usage as a signaling and celebration device and remained so for hundreds of years. After the Chinese invented black powder during the 9th century. Firearms have become so much a part of our lives Master Ken, of Ameri-Do-Te (and EnterTheDojoShow), has created a martial arts exorcise using fire arms to better prepare us. 
So without further ado, here's Master Ken. "TACTICALISTHENICS!" 

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We are products of our past, 
but we don't have to be prisoners of it. 
Rick Warren

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Wish to Gizmoduck 
A wish gone wrong 
Wrongs made right 

The Wish (Martin verse) 

Here was a wish she made one night
This boy to love and hold her tight
To be her hope and guiding light
To be the reason all is right
Who knew that wishes do come true
And with a tear he loved her too
Into her arms this boy now flew
Yet without wish what would he do
In love they passed both day and night
Then in a time got married too
Her heart relaxed as moments flew
And something here just wasn’t right
Now though he stayed forever true
Other’s arms would hold her tight
And for his love he’d leave on light
Till she felt shame what did I do
She tried so hard to make wrongs right
What could she do to free her light
And as she died he held her tight
Here was a wish she made one night 

A wish come true becomes a person's regret is echoed in thus Martin verse. Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Though a meter is desirable, it is not essential. Once the eight words are selected they should not be changed.  The first two stanzas introduce the eight words. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. 

The Form:        
A1, A2, A3, A4
B1, B2, B3, B4
A1, B2, B3, A4
B1, A2, A3, B4
A4, A3, A2, A1

Martin verse has no copy right nor is the form proprietary. It is hoped that everyone will enjoy, use and share this new, fun and surprisingly easy poetic form.

There was this girl. She really desired this boy. He was all she could think about. Every dream, every being of her existence was him. Her wish was answered when he fell in love with her. They had a storybook romance. A romance better than she had dreamed, They married. Things changed. Though he was a remarkable husband, her feelings for him began to change. She thought having children, for some reason, would keep them strong, keep them together. The couple had two children: a boy and a girl. The children helped; a little bit. Though her magic feelings never returned, they seemed stabilized; for a while. As the children grew older, what little love she had began to deteriorate. She entered into an affair with another man. Her husband loved her so much that he couldn't see the truth. Her daughter could, though. It was for the daughter the mother broke off the affair. Now, not only was the love for the boy of her dreams completely gone, but the shame of what she had done to a man who remained faithful was eating at her. Eating at her so badly that she died. Arlene and I heard this story from the wife of Arlene's cousin. It was her mother. 

On the subject of wishes, I can't fully put them aside. There was the whole fairy tale of how I, all of the sudden, fell in love with Arlene, When I was touched by a magic tear. Then there was a girl's wish, in the story I just related, Add to these, all the wonderful, magical things that happened to Arlene and me. Chevron, in their Positive Training, had another theory. Instead of wishes, Chevron pointed to desire. If a person's desires are strong enough and focused enough the chances of desires being realized increases. This has to do with the internal as well as the external. If a person believes they are in "the dark" and only bad things happen to them, then (because of their belief) they are and they do. Many desires are watered down, We want this and that. We make negative affirmations. I need money. In need to lose weight. Meaning I am broke or I am fat. Surprisingly casting off negative desires in favor of positive ones improves situations. Wishes as desires can come true. We may not climb to the top of our dreams come true, but oh the wonders we will reach as we try. And try we can. Led on by our desire(s).  And as we are led on, let us Enjoy.

Back to the verse: Bliss "Wish You Were Here" 

Sometimes wishes need a little realignment 

The urban dictionary has a gizmo as any advanced technological device, usually pointless and/or confusing gadget, widget, whatchumacallit, etc. Corridor Digital unleashes a new superhero on the world. His name is Gizmoduck His power is all of the gizmos he is armed with. 
Gizmoduck only has one weakness. "GIZMODUCK The Movie" 

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We all have our own life to pursue, our own 
kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have 
the power to make wishes come true, as long 
as we keep believing.
Louisa May Alcott

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Tree In Love to Life Of A Dollar 
There was a tree 
There was a dollar bill 

The Tree In Love (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There was a tree that grew beside the spring
And life was rich the flowers in full bloom
When all at once its heart began to sing
For it had caught first whiff of love’s perfume
It couldn’t see but knew that it was there
And flowers seemed so different that day
When tree would spread its secrets with the air
Which sang much more than any words could say
The air and wind would shake their friend the tree
If nothing else to let it know they’re close
For tree grew in a new reality
Their tree had entered into love’s sweet throws
Ah tree stand proudly with your stars of night
And may they always fill you with delight 

A tree becomes much more in the land of this Shakespearean sonnet. We begin with a tree. There are many types of flowers in the world. The season arrived when the flowers were in bloom. The tree caught scent of this bloom and became transformed into much more. As the sonnet goes on the tree and the flower become one. The final dedication is to something more. 

Stow Lake is in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park were visitors can take a paddle boat ride around the center island. In the golden days there were also rowboats and canoes. On the eastern bank, just off the path, is a weeping willow. It is Arlene's and my special tree. We discovered it in our early days of teenage love. It was a secluded place to view the wonders of the lake and make out. Arlene and I used to love canoeing around the lake. As things began to change the tree and the spot became more special. It was here by our sides under our tree, viewing the music of the lake, Arlene and I were in a world apart. In those days of trouble our tree would become a refuge; hoping the other person would remember and return. In all our years, the tree never changed. In all our years, all those years were there. Timeless. Ageless.

Many of us have our special place or special places. It may be a tree, our family, a song, our faith or any number of things or combination of things. Our belief in ourselves could even be our special place. It is here we go to find our strength, our reason, our will to meet those challenges. It is here we may go for our personal celebrations. It is here we may go for that comfort, that reassurance, that "everything is okay". We are people, this is the world: Our special place(s) may change, may transform, may be replaced by another, may disappear. Our special place(s) can even go with us, be planted in us as reminders, as extensions. The wonder of it all. The wonder which is us. All of this so that we can succeed. All of this so that we may Enjoy.

Let's lose ourselves for a moment: Genc Nikolla "Instrumental" 

A wise man once told me - Always keep at least one dollar in your pocket 

The first one-dollar bill was issued as a Legal Tender Note (United States Note) in 1862 with a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, the Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln. The life of a dollar bill can be interesting. Actress, turned writer, director, Inanna Sarkis has captured an interesting life of one of these bills. 
Let's follow Inanna Sarkis's dollar bill. "Life of a Dollar | Inanna Sarkis" 

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Our first journey is to find that special place for us.
Florence Nightingale

Friday, June 16, 2017

What Beats In My Mind to Are We On A Date 
A person wonders is this me 
A girl wonders is this a date 

What Beats In My Mind (sonnet) 

What beats inside the forest of my mind
A drop of something that won’t let me go
A shadow hid in world I’ve come to know
This breath forgotten which was left behind
I feel its whisper deep inside my flow
So deep within the mask I have refined
This hint beyond the life I have designed
What is the song which yearns its morning so
Have I not lived each moment as I should
And made the most of person I became
My changes were not often understood
I drifted off and ego was to blame
And now my mind surrounded by dark wood
Must wonder of a song which once was me 

A person lost finds something unexpected in this sonnet. In the first half, of this sonnet, (the quatrains) we have a person lost in their identity. In the second half (the couplets) the person's questions and is lead to a discovery.  The last word ("me") is not a mistake. It keeps this from being a true English sonnet. It is now something else. But wasn't that the point? 

My plans were to become a music teacher. One year from completing my college degree, I gained some inside knowledge that, this profession would be fazing back. I switched my college degree to General Education. I landed a job at Chevron (then Standard Oil of California). They retrained me to be a graphic artist. Into and after college my fake brother and I were small time entertainers. We landed a big opportunity at Fantasy Records. My partner was going through some major personal problems which caused us to break up a week before our Fantasy Records deal. I went into music on my own, as a song writer and a keyboardist. I shelved music when my lead singer  pursued an opportunity in Japan. From music, I went to photography, mainly models. I was doing real well until the girls started bothering Arlene. Then came my commercial career. I wrote and performed commercials. The money was good, but not steady. At times, I would be drawn away from my family. This would never do. So I gave it up. All this time I was working at Chevron.  As a parent, I was active in their upbringing. I taught both of my children how to read before they entered kindergarten. Opportunities to teach my kids where just outside my doorstep. I even became the coach of their soccer teams. As a coach my most notable successes were: Running laps should be fun and not used as punishment and: Boys and girl at a young age are athletically similar. When I joined the Masons, I was a natural at performing. I became one of the top ritualists. At party and event planning I was amazing (a skill that Chevron taught me), Then Arlene was taken from me. I looked back at all that I was. All the things that brought me here. Here and what still waited up ahead.

Life has many paths and roads. The possibilities are endless. Our possibilities are endless. We are the product of the past and all that we touched and that touched us.  That person we were ten years ago is gone, but lives on in us. That first kiss, those walks in the park, the best meal(s) we every had, all those treasured moments; they are still with us. Even if (heaven forbid) our memory be wiped completely clear, all those things are still here. In our smile. In our eyes. In each wrinkle. They are part of us. They are who we are. Here is a small proof. When we see someone familiar, don't we also see a memory associated with that person? Even more mind boggling. This holds true for everything. Not to get metaphysical, everything is touched by something else and a trace is left behind. The wonder of it all. We are part of that wonder, now and always. Next time we see a beautiful flower, remember we are a part of that beauty and Enjoy.

While we're reflecting let's try this one: Bliss and Melancholia "Quiet Letter" 

On the subject of dating 

Studies show to increase dating success, plan an unconventional date strategy. One could go to a restaurant for the first date, and go to an amusement park or something just as scary and thrilling for the second date. By going to a restaurant, both parties can learn more about each other which is the most important step to create an emotional connection. Going to an amusement park on the second date can actually make dates fall in love. Studies have shown that scary rides like roller coasters and Ferris wheels increase the production of adrenaline, which also simulates arousal which can actually increase the attraction between two people. What if we don't know if we're going on a date? 
The folks at Wong Fu Productions have an incident which might help us. "Are We On A Date?!"

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We are products of our past, 
but we don't have to be prisoners of it. 
Rick Warren

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Strangers to Shoppers You Meet at the Supermarket 
Familiar strangers we meet in a fairy tale 
Strange familiar people we meet in supermarkets 

The Strangers (poem)

I was doing my dishes I think I was
When from my front room I heard a buzz
I went to inspect as one normally does
There was a man face covered with fuzz
I make the shoe
Then I make two
He needs a few
I’ll make a slew
I asked the man What are you doing here
How on earth did you get in I need to hear
Do you understand Am I making myself clear
He just keeps making shoes He doesn’t veer
Well I said Hi
Why no reply
He must be shy
Weird little guy
I’m not trying to be rude please understand
I have to run
I appreciate the shoes They’re really all so grand
These shoes should stun
We both have to admit their number’s out of hand
He now has ton
To go to bed ‘bout now is more of what I’d planned
Rest now we’re done
Have a good night
I hope that all your dreams are equally as bright 

Communication is just one problem when a man finds a stranger in his house making him shoes in this poem. We have two characters.  One a 10 beat character (the owner of the house). The other is a 4 beat character (the stranger). The two seem to have problems communicating. In the fifth stanza, the two combine. Each keeping their own rhyme. We may notice that the longer beat character has become irregular. The poem ends with the two rhyming and 4 beats followed by 9 beats. This poem is more than a fairy tale. 

People are different was something that was apparent to me from my first days of school. There were some kids I liked more than others. I live in San Francisco. The chances of my school being one race or culture was pretty slim. I was  unaware of such things. I didn't find out about racism until I met the most influential person in my life, Mr Johnny Land. Mr. Land was my music teacher. He was Black. My mother was brought up in Nazi Germany. There was was no way a black man was teaching her son. There was only one "thing" worse (to her) than a black person: a Jewish person. I was lucky the school principle was Mr Horowitz (so my mother couldn't complain about Mr. Land). It was from my mother that I first learned about racism. It was stupid. At least how a mother tried to explain it to a 12 year old. I learned that racism wasn't just a black and white thing. Chinese and blacks were the majority in my high school. They hated each other. Fights between the two races were common. We whites were a minority, right behind the Hindus. When I worked at Chevron, my friend wanted me to go with him to his favorite bar. They asked him that I never come back. My friend was black. It was a black bar. I was the wrong color. When I joined the Masons. my Lodge was way behind the times. They were anti-black, as far as membership. I was part of group, led by my mentor, Jake, who successfully integrated the Lodge. All of a sudden they became anti-Filipino. One big dilemma: Martin's wife was Filipino. The same problem my mother had. My son, Peter. was a pretty amazing kid. My mother was very proud of him. His skin color seemed to disappear, to her.  One day my mother went off on one of her racist rants in front of him. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life. Peter, a 12 year old boy, said to her, "What about me G-Ma?"

It is very hard for me to say. We San Franciscans are extremely tolerant. I believe racism is coming to an end. The media headlines of whites acting racist against blacks sells more, draws more attention than what's happening in our Native American or Latin American communities. I believe equal rights and new generations will put an end to racism.  I see a new enemy rearing its ugly head. Classism. This is were a person is judged by how much they make, their education level and their social class. It it is already subtly working its way into our lives. So subtly. many of us us don't notice it ...yet. But we humans are wonders. I have (and you have too) seen the wonder we can and do accomplish. We are, together moving and working toward a better day. Believe in ourselves, our sisters and our brothers and Enjoy.

To go with the poem try this delight: Petula Clark "The Little Shoemaker" 

Been shopping lately 

Here are five weird things some people Share in common. 
1. Continually check the fridge to see if any food has magically appeared.
2. Pull out your phone to check the time, only to realize you have to do it again because you forgot to look at the clock.
3. Have a full-on conversations with yourself.
4. Asking "what?" even though you heard what the person said.
5. Start reading the menu from the middle.
If you thought that was weird, have you seen these characters at your supermarket? (Put together by Meir Kay.) "19 Types of Shoppers You Meet at the Supermarket" 

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You have to get along with people, but you 
also have to recognize that the strength of 
a team is different people with different 
perspectives and different personalities. 
Steve Case


Monday, June 12, 2017

Moment In Time to Millennial Love 
There were lovers in their time 
And there were Millennial lovers 

Moment In Time (free form poem) 

Blessing come true
Our moment in time
There was time enough to hold you
To kiss you
To gaze into your eyes
To wander through the fields
Enchanted with your presence
Time enough to laugh
Time enough to sing
Time enough to dance to
Dance through all that life had to offer
Each breath
Each heartbeat
Sweet moment in time
As others complained
How short their time was
Sharing memories of moments
Quickly passed away
Then and now
Then and now
We couldn’t understand
We couldn’t grasp what they were going through
Blaming it on dreams
Blaming it on lifestyles
Blaming it on everything but the truth
This moment in time
So we lived our years
Years of holding
Years of kissing
Timelessly enjoying the dreams we cast
Our bound fashioned purpose for endlessness
But then you died
To leave me alone with the price of it all
The price of those glorious lifetimes
The years of disappearing tears
Trapped by the wonder we enjoyed
My moment in time 

A special moment in time is recounted in this free form poem. This looks like a love poem. It is actually about time. As one reads through this poem, time should play as an undercurrent. With this in mind the ending turns from sad to confusing. 

Arlene and I truly had it all. We had our good times and the bad. We were not rich (what we might call lower middle class), but we had wealthy people and organisations throw money and opportunities to fuel our dreams. We did things most people only dream about. Some of the things we established still live on and grow in the hands and care of others. We raised two amazing kids. One who is actually being paid by the University of California at Berkeley to earn his Phd. The other is a high priced chef, voted by Zagat as 1 of 10 up and coming chefs in the Bay Area. As parents we did real well. We did enjoy one major advantage. Time. There was time enough for everything. Other people talked about how short time was. Arlene and I never experienced that. There was more than enough time for everything. Time enough for our dreams. Time enough to rekindle the magic of dreams in others. As a testimony to Arlene: The Freemasons is a male organisation. When Arlene died, the Masons sponsored a big celebration and thank you for Arlene. In the river of time there was much to do to distract me from missing Arlene to helping others. Then bloomed the time to celebrate a wonder. As one man passed on and a new soul would stare into that garden and by his smiles; and behind his smiles was Amor, my new wife.

Time. Some believe it is too short, Some people think it is too long. Some folks don't think time at all. Have we ever noticed that time seems to slow down when we are anticipating something big. Time also seems to pass more slowly when we are doing something we don't like. On the other side of the coin, when we are having fun time seems to pass more rapidly. How many times have we heard or felt "there isn't enough time"? Scientifically and "factually" we are told that time moves differently based on speed or mass. The faster a thing goes the slower its time moves. Time also moves slower based on the mass surrounding it. Time. "Fact" or feelings, it is a mystery. Fast or slow. here is one more fact: When it's over it's over. All that's left are the memories and changes made. Reminders of a life lived. Our life. A celebration. Yes, all our lives are celebrations. We are that special. And that mystery; time. Take it. Use it. Make the most, the best of it. It shouts at us, Enjoy.

Let's celebrate life: Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes "The Time Of My Life" 

Love know many faces - Like Millennials 

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) typically have the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. The generation is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. Here are Ryan Higa (of nigahiga), and Kina Grannis to give us deeper details of Millennials. 
Here are Kina and Ryan with a modern day in the language of Millennial. "Millennial Love (Official Music Video)" 

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Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. 
Be happy now. Don't wait for something 
outside of yourself to make you happy in 
the future. Think how really precious is the 
time you have to spend, whether it's at work 
or with your family. Every minute should be 
enjoyed and savored.
Earl Nightingale