Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Star Of Heaven to Save The Starfish 
A lover is lost in a star 
Something is lost in starfish 

Star Of Heaven (Martin verse) 

Oh star of heaven pure delight
Make one more dream come true tonight
A moment by your blesséd light
A wonder to make all things right
A world impassioned by your glow
Such Joy is felt within your flow
One final wish a heart would know
A memory might you bestow
What splendor would dance with delight
Imagined blossoms endless flow
In paradise which few may know
A wonder only you make right
If ever hope should lose your glow
Forever’s sorrows start tonight
And there is no more use for light
What else could emptiness bestow
My wonder of everything right
The reason that I feel so light
Will you grant me your gift tonight
Oh star of heaven pure delight

A lover is once again lost in his star in this Martin verse. A Martin verse uses two rhymes of eight words. The first rhyme of four words is introduced. Then the second rhyme of the last four words is introduced. In the next two stanzas the two sets of rhymes and eight words are mixed up. In the final stanza the first four words reappear, but in reverse order.

Ah Fortuna. In the year 2000, I had just completed an exhausting year as Master of my Lodge. The dream of a former Master, Ernie Blueher, was now complete. The Lodge was thriving. I had a lot to do with it. I and my partner, Arlene. Another of our grand successes was the public schools. In 2000 I turned over the reigns of the pubic schools to another who was highly interested and motivated. He did so well he was honored by the San Francisco Unified School District. To show his appreciation he lent Arlene and me his Eel River lodge at an outrageously low rate.

So it was, Arlene and I found ourselves on the shore of the Eel River, surrounded by California Redwood. Nearby was the small town of Fortuna, where Arlene and I got our supplies. Also in Fortuna was a bar with a dance area. The lodge had a wonderful view of the heavens: the sky, the forest, the river and Arlene. It was a dream. In town we had dancing, an important part of what brought us here. We had the river and those majestic trees. We were timeless children of wonder, taken in beauty and marvel. At night Arlene and I had the the stars, unhindered by city light. Joyous reminders of all that passed to bring us here.  And with a kiss we were there.

Every now and again we deserve a break. Not just a vacation or some time away from work (although these can be helpful and pleasant). These breaks cam last a week or longer or be as short as a warm cup of one's favorite brew. Some time to catch our breath, to remember who we are and what we are doing. Some time for ourselves. Some time because we deserve it. (This rarely means sleeping, watching TV, video games and things like that.) A moment, or two, where everything is left aside. These moments can be different for each individual and can change from time to time. Sometimes these moments call to us. Go with it. We become better, refreshed, able to handle more. Know that we are special. We are wonders. We deserve to Enjoy.

Here to guide us along: Groove Lovers "Mediterranean Star" 

Now for a star of a different kind 

Starfish have no brain and no blood. They use filtered sea water to pump nutrients through their nervous system. There are many reasons these beautiful creatures are washed up on shore. The most common reason is a storm. There they will most likely die. But not if Jeremy Warner, of Studio C, has his way.
Jeremy believe saving just one starfish's life cab change the world. "Save The Starfish"

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Journeys end in lovers meeting. 
William Shakespeare

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Common Melody to The Most Generous Boy In The World 
Something special calls to people 
Something special rings out from a young boy 

A Common Melody (round) 

A melody upon the sea
A silent voice that called to me
What did it bode it would not say
But from its spell I could not flee
That no one heard caused some dismay
Perhaps this fate was meant this way
That only I could feel the sound
While other people felt their day
So to the ocean I was bound
My thoughts were spinning so profound
What secret was awaiting there
What symphony makes my heart pound
Sweet music seemed to fill the air
And to all else I’m unaware
Till I then kissed the promised shore
To find what fortune had to share
But then the music was no more
Just faces wond’ring what it’s for
What set us drifting to this place
What special need did sea restore
And there it was upon each face
A special smile a special grace
That shared this common memory
That somehow vanished but this trace 

Something calls to a man and brings him together with others in this round. In this round the third the third line sets up the rhyme for the next stanza. The third line of the last stanza leads back to the first stanza. Thus we have a poem with no beginning or end. It is not intended that this round means this one man endlessly is called to the sea. It means that others are endlessly being called. 

I have been involved in charities and volunteer work for a long time. It is a good feeling to help others and/or work for the community. My life was extremely blessed. Serving others was a good way to give back for my many blessings. Most all, it gave me the opportunity to see the good side of people. When I was a coach or working for the PTA, it was mostly parents trying to do their parts for their children. With the Masons, my charity and volunteer work got more ambitious. My biggest two was the public schools and Toys For Tots. Both of these projects were assigned to me. I did a sterling job with both of these projects. The real fact is: I achieved on the shoulders of people who wanted to help. It is amazing, how many people want to help, but for some reason don't. It is even more amazing to see how many people how many people are serving their fellow man, their Mother Earth. I and others like me have been gifted to find doorways for those who want to help. So, one by one thousands are added to our ranks. The ranks of those who are serving: cleaning our beaches, planting trees, helping our teachers, building homes, feeding the hungry, searching for the lost and much, much, much more. All around us are people free serving, I have seen them. I was a part of them. maybe you are too.

One of the first rules of First Aid is: make sure that we are okay first. The rational (simply put): how can we help if we too are injured? or Why make two when only one needs rescuing? Of course there is the main  rational of getting us to think before we rush off. Then consider what made us humans so successful. Why we are still around. So, we are pretty much okay. We are relatively satisfied. I believe we should help others up. I believe we should help to make our world a better place. The proof that I may be right is that good feeling, we all experience. Then there is that something, we experience, looking in someone's eyes,,who is serving by our side, knowing we are answering the same call. Something has brought us together. I believe that it is our calling to give back for the satisfaction, successes life has granted us. Life is wonderful. We are wonderful. Live, love, serve and Enjoy.

Listen and we may hear a voice: Diane Arkenstone "Voice Of The Sea" 

Goodness is all around 

Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft, now serves as the chairman of Vulcan, his private-investment company. As chairman of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, he's given millions to global-health causes, including $5 million to Seattle BioMed, $4 million to Global FinPrint, a conservation project focused on the preservation of sharks worldwide, and $7 million in grants to Alzheimer's research. Paul Allen is just one example of some of the most generous people in the world. As Meir Kay points out, it doesn't take a millionaire to perform major acts of generosity. 
Here an example of generosity (and more). "The Most Generous Boy In The World!" 

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The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. 
Leo Tolstoy


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Flowers' Revenge to Flicker 
Flowers seek out their revenge on lover
Man seeks out his revenge for office joke 

Flowers’ Revenge (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was lost in all the beauty which love grants
Sweet scent of fragrant flowers filled the air
Was taken by much more they had to share
I swear they whispered of your underpants
I let it pass as if it wasn’t there
For at this moment I was in love’s throws
When again the flowers caught my nose
And aired the color of your underwear
Twas then your curiosity arose
I guess confusion is not hard to see
I aired what flowers shared so trustingly
I hear the flowers share your under clothes
So struck I landed somewhere near a tree
Where a bouquet of flowers laughed at me 

The question: if flowers could talk is discovered in this Shakespearean sonnet. For those of us a little confused: A guy is out walking with his girlfriend in a field of flowers. The flowers started whispering to the guy things he shouldn't know. This is an example that sonnets don't have to be serious. 

I am not easily embarrassed. My self confidence is very high. Oh sure,  I have suffered my share of embarrassing moments, but I am such an egotist and showman it made it easy to laugh them off. My single most embarrassing moment happened a long, long time ago. I was remarkable in sports. Remarkable in that: I was the best bench warmer. I did make the college fencing team. It took me two years or serious practice and a lot of serious welts and scars. I was a saber-man. Those blades travel very fast. So fast that even with all the padding the skin might burst on contact. My instructor, Maestro Marke, taught us a woman's kiss could heal all wounds, take away all pains. Arlene did a lot of healing. After two years, I made the team. You should have seen me. I was quite good looking and I knew it. I was really into myself. The day of the first competition was upon me. My fans showed up in droves (don't forget, I was also on stage. performing). And there, taking center stage, was Martin's girlfriend, Arlene. And there I was, looking fine as I could be. I took my position. I saluted everyone with my sword and put on my mask. The referee told us to fence. My opponent charged. Then it happened. As I retreated, I tripped on my own feet. Not only that. I took to the air. I landed on my tail bone. It hurt pretty bad. I was rushed to the hospital. I was in a lot of pain, but otherwise alright. My fall must have been really something, because when I went back to school I could see people snickering at me. When I went to fencing class, Maestro Marke took one look at me and started to laugh uncontrollably. He had to retire to his office, where the whole class could hear the echoes of his laughter. It took several weeks for then to return somewhat to a semblance of normalcy. If there ever was such a thing with me.

We should all enjoy a level off self confidence. I'm not saying we all have to address a crowd of complete strangers or mindlessly climb a cliff or things like that. We should appreciate that we are unique. We are special. There isn't, there never was, there never will be another us. Think about that: An almost infinite number of lives and only one me. That is pretty special in itself. Add to this our talents and skills and all that we may add to the world. The special gets better. I doubt that as time passes we don't touch someone or something and don't leave it changed. Surely we all pursue a star or two. The special gets even better.  And that special is us.  And that "even better" is just the beginning. (I know these things because have seen it and worked with it over and over.) Knowing this, how can we not be confident in ourselves? Be assured of and in ourselves? Knowing this, how can we not stretch out our hand? Knowing this, how can we not Enjoy?

A love song: Sevginin Kokusu "The Scent Of Love" 

When is a joke too long 

What is the longest joke in the world? It is a musical by Jason Kleinberg ("The World’s Longest Joke In The World"). It is the story of one man’s journey to improve his bad sense of humor; mainly so that he could be less annoying to his friends and loved ones. On the other side of the spectrum we have Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.
They have a joke that might make Guinness. "Key & Peele - Flicker"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Key & Peele - White Zombies

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Flowers always make people better, happier, 
and more helpful; they are sunshine, food 
and medicine for the soul. 
Luther Burbank


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Love Will Lead Us to Illegal Move 
Lovers try to put a meaning to love 
Lovers discover there are no rules to love 

Love Will Lead Us (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Low strangers yet we feel this long lost thrill
Of seeing someone from forgotten past
Viewed with eyes that somehow love you still
Eternity has brought us back at last
Will we refill a glass so richly blessed
In time who sets the stage to love once more
Like lips whose kisses others so impressed
Left lights so love will lead us to our shore
Lest lies deny and doubters may refuse
Enduring dreams like ours a place to shine
As if their hearts were blinded by the clues
Dew dropped in darkness do forever pine
Use this a kiss two candles’ burning glow
So where our love will lead us we will go 

A lover tries to define love in this Shakespearean sonnet. Not only is this a Shakespearean sonnet. It is an acrostic Shakespearean sonnet. Even more. Follow the rhymes of lines one and three. They rhyme with the first word of the next stanza (thrill, still to Will). The last words of the rhyming couplet rhyme with the first word of the sonnet. Thus we have a round.  An acrostic Shakespearean sonnet that is a round. Three forms of poetry in one. All this to describe love. Imagine that.

When it came to a romantic evening, I liked to plan every detail and then as the evening stated let everything go into free fall. There was a big project at work. After working excessive hours for almost three weeks. I planned a big evening with Arlene. We would go out to dinner, then see a play on Broadway (Geary Street). then a grand dessert at the Deli (a nearby restaurant that specialized in desserts) and to finish the evening off some romantic dancing. I made reservations for dinner. Arlene purchased the tickets for the play. The night had arrived. The lovers were off. Dinner was spectacular. So spectacular Arlene started kissing me. She, in a seductive voice, suggested we skip the theater and dessert and go straight to dancing. What is man to do when a rare beauty's kisses are singing to him? I forgot everything and off we went. After an unbelievable time on the dance floor we headed home to finish the evening. When I say, I forgot everything. I also meant the car. At the dance we drank so much we took a taxi home and left the car behind. The next day I went to get it. The car wasn't where Arlene said that I had left it. I searched and search. When I got home, there was the car. Inside the house was Arlene and a friend, laughing it up. It seems Arlene had made a detailed plan of her own. Was I angry?  What is man to do when a rare beauty's kisses are singing to him?

Life is full of surprises. whether it is two lovers playing with each other or a beautiful humming bird visiting our yard. Wonder and surprise is everywhere. All around us us. Every drop of water. Every cloud in the sky. Every I love you. Science and scientists may rationalize it all into neat pockets. But there is more. There is more when we are walking. More than the scenery, More than the smiles on people's faces. More than a touch, a feeling. It is unique to every individual. Special just for us. Don't believe me? Think that I am talking about something out there? Look at an infant's eyes as he or she takes in their world. Remember back to the last time we were amazed. The Grand Canyon! Then there is the second time. And all the times after that. It is still the same canyon. We must keep ourselves open to see. To see; To take in the surprises of life and Enjoy.

How about a dance: George Gershwin "Love is here to stay" 

Chess anyone 

In chess there are 400 different possible positions after one move each. There are 72,084 different possible positions after two moves each. There are over 9 million different possible positions after three moves each. There are over 318 billion different possible positions after four moves each. The number of distinct 40-move games in chess is far greater than the number of electrons in the observable universe. The number of electrons is approximately 10^79, while the number of unique chess games is 10^120. What does all this have to do with love, one may ask. Sana Srinivasan and Kyle Lopez are about to give us an answer. 
Does love defy logic? "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Illegal Move Short Film" by Sana Srinivasan & Kyle Lopez: 

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Love is an endless mystery, 
because there is no reasonable cause that could explain it.
Rabindranath Tagore

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Day Denise Went Away to A Normal Day 
Some days are quite unexpliainable 
Some days are quite normal - depending on who we talk to 

The Day Denise Went Away (repeating poem) 

We pledged our love ever we’d stay
Two youths in a garden at play
The world for us was far astray
And joy was the reason for day
I never thought someone would say
The day that Denise went away
Back then it was her and there’s me
And seasons were reasons to be
From problems it seemed we were free
There was so much we didn’t see
The seeds which we’d carelessly lay
The day that Denise went away
We’d dance in the clouds of our sky
While world of our friends passed us by
To waves they gave came no reply
We didn’t know how flowers die
Or changes which wrought a decay
The day that Denise went away
As time would pass we too would slow
Within a world which didn’t grow
And through each day which lingered so
Was this the girl I use to know
I wondered when to my dismay
The day that Denise went away
A nightmare of a dream come true
Too late I pondered what to do
And as my eyes there filled with dew
I wondered if she shared my view
We never dreamed we’d end this way
The day that Denise went away

What seeds were planted that lover could not see their end coming in this repeating poem? What makes this a repeating poem is that on line is the same. In this case the last line. It is unsure what went wrong, but the seed was planted at the beginning of the poem. This was represented by the first stanza rhyming with the repeating line. From the first stanza, the echo of doom (the repeating line) was in the couple's face. More subtly, if we noticed, there is something not right about the rhythm of some of then lines.

Arlene and I got married quite young. I was 23 and she was 22. In our time, at least among our friends. this was the norm. The problems started happening a few years later. Divorce rates were on the rise. This included our friends. The ones that should have never gotten married, in the first place, were easy to accept when divorce hit.  The couples who had to get away from each other. for one reason or another, were harder to accept. How could two people who once loved each other so much end this way? Then there were a few who didn't know exactly why, but being married just wasn't for them and there. It had little to do with how they felt about each other.  There we were: Arlene and I. How were we we going to serve? We could cuddle and kiss a little more. We could work on, enjoy and take in our relationship. We could accept reality. We had eyes to see. What will be will be. Live for this moment, now.

Life is funny. I am old now. There is so much I cannot do anymore. Tomorrow holds the promise of one more thing I cannot do anymore.  Arlene passed on way too early. There is so much I miss. Miss, because I did them and did most things well. Maybe if I didn't do so much, I wouldn't have so much to miss. There was a time, I watched my friends divorce and used it to build a stronger moments (memories). Now I watch myself getting older and unable to do yet one more something. I use what is left to build one more memory. So it should be for all of us. Live. Make one more memory. This life is a gift. A gift of wonders. A world of wonders. Waiting for us. We are that special. Make one more dream and Enjoy.

Talk about memories: Madonna "This Used To Be My Playground" 

Some more memories 

Ever heard of the terrible twos? The nickname may have something to do with the fact 2-year olds tend to be more active now than they will ever be again. 2-year olds really aren't terrible. As the Story of This Life is about to show us, it's all in how we look at it. 
Let's follow the exploits of a mom and her toddler. "A Normal Day" 

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Nobody can predict the future. You just have 
to give your all to the relationship you're in 
and do your best to take care of your partner, 
communicate and give them every last drop 
of love you have. I think one of the most important 
things in a relationship is caring for your significant 
other through good times and bad. 
Nick Cannon


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Place In Paradise to Fire Dance Old School vs New School 
The flames of paradise 
The flames are passed from old to young 

Place In Paradise (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I found my precious place in paradise
Beside the tides which sweep across the shore
Of dreams so soft like nothing felt before
That all which once was me it did entice
I found much more than I was looking for
From waves which braved those places imprecise
Excited by such dreams your kisses spice
The silken sighs of pleasure to explore
And though the need to breath may call me back
I drowned within an ocean of desire
I feel my very sole is now on fire
Till all at once my whole world turns to black
I found my precious place here next to you
Where paradise is always in my view

A lover discovers his paradise on the shores of this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is loaded with word play. It has rhymes within rhymes and reapearing consonants. We probably noticed that three of of the stanzas start with "I found". Did we notice line two of the third stanza ("I drowned") rhymes with "I found". Let our imagination go. There was something else going on in this sonnet. 

I have often shared how Arlene loved to drive. We were driving back from Los Vegas and passed through this town. There was this restaurant with an inordinate number of trucks outside. Arlene and I learned that a restaurant and a lot of truckers meant there was good food. We were right and they had great music. It was late, and we thought it best to find somewhere to bed down for the evening. We found a charming little motel with a pool. This and a moonlit night was an invitation to lovers to lose themselves in a star filled sky. The next day, Arlene and I happened into a quaint old coffee shop with marvelous desserts, Over coffee we decided to look around the town, as we had never been there before. We had a special day.

Arlene and I told some of our friends about the town and the fun we had there. Later they reported back to us. Where we crazy?  They found the town more than boring. How could this be, we wondered? Then one morning, Arlene and I were kissing and there in a full length mirror came the answer.

The world really does change depending on how we look at it; Depending on our attitude. It's true. Take a bunch of people to see the same picture and ask them privately what they saw. They will each describe something different. We hear some people describing how beautiful the world is, while others are focused on all of the problems. The world does face challenges. We face challenges. Challenges are all around. How we face those challenges; How we take in everything around us depends on us. It all starts here. This goes beyond simple positives and negatives. There are an endless "state of affairs" involved.  It all starts here. Don't like what we see, then change it. The easiest road to change is us. There is  a lot in that statement. Active, inactive, internal, external,the easiest road to change, to enjoyment, to everything is here, is us. As we discover our power over our world, Enjoy.

Let's drift into paradise: Café del Mar "Paradise" 

Let's fire things up a bit 

Polynesian fire dancing began hundreds of years ago. In an area spanning over 4,000 square miles with hundreds of islands, it’s hard to pin-point exactly where in Polynesia fire dancing began. It is believed that the Maori people of New Zealand were the first pioneers as the originators of poi (“ball on a string.”) This ancient art has undergone many changes. Devinsupertramp has put together a video showing what might happen when the old world comes head to head with the new. 
Let's join ScottDW at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the Island of Oahu. "FIRE DANCE BATTLE! Old School VS New School!" 

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Love is cure. Love is power. Love is the magic of changes. 
Love is the mirror of divine beauty. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Dream to Dancing in the Street - without music 
Lovers dancing in a dream 
Four million people still don't know what's going on 

The Dream (round) 

A dream I had that started here with you
My fragrant friend my shelter for a kiss
For surely paradise is drawn from this
Just drifting here for wishes to come true
What cares I had your flowers do dismiss
A breeze whispers to life a gentle air
A soft reminder that we often share
Before we do resign ourselves to bliss
My promise of tomorrows meets me there
Where dancing dreams give meaning to the sky
While time forgot the meaning of goodbye
And reason as to meaning unaware
For now let’s put aside our need for why
And place an endless love within our view
Without this precious gift what will I do
Another dream is waiting your reply

Lovers happily lost in a dream of a round. In this round the middle rhyme form the outer rhymes of the next stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first stanza. Thus we have a poem with no beginning or end. If some of the lines seem to extend in meaning, remember this is a dream. 

Yes, Arlene and I were dreamers. Our best of our dreams was the ability and the opportunity to cast dreams for others to enjoy. Our dances were a good examples. People became young again. We held dances on boats. in gardens and even at the zoo, to stretch imaginations. One of our big parties was almost a disaster. Every year the Masons hold a party in honor of our widows. It is usually held in conjunction with Mother's day. Although usually a charming event, Arlene and I decided to take it one step further. We rented a facility in South San Francisco with a view of a lush green garden. Most of our guests were up there in years. They arrived as normal. We had small gifts,as was customary. The menu had a Polynesian flare. All the waiters wore Hawaiian attire. After dining it started. The lights flickered to the load of lightening. Hawaiian performers came from everywhere. Through some great lighting effects, the entire facility was transported to the islands. The whole transformation was a bit much for a few of the ladies, who had to be taken outside. Arlene and I thought we might be responsible for some hospitalizations. This was not well thought out. Luckily as the event went on everyone had a great time. But it was Arlene and I who nearly had a heart attack.

It got better. The entire event went way over budget. Many members of the Lodge were angry and felt that I should pay some retribution. I was nervous, was an understatement. Just before the vote, the secretary read a few letters. They were from widows, thanking the Lodge and telling what a good time they had. Not only did the vote go in my favor, men continue to try to outdo each other with the widows' party.

And what are your dreams? Easy for one to ask who had others to pay for his flights of fancy. But there was something else. The money was there before that widows' party. At one time there was no widows' party. Then someone used their imagination. Imagination. We all have one (somewhere), Remember, when we were kids? We didn't need a horse, to ride a horse. What happened? Just like muscles, imaginations require exorcise. Maybe we've become afraid. Maybe we've come to believe imaginations are just for kids. Maybe we believe that voice telling us we can't. Well, we Can. Believe in ourselves. We are wonders in a wonderful world and there is a breeze loose called our imagination. Ever wonder how beautiful a flower can be? Imagination. It is limitless. Do we see the possibilities? They are us. Enjoy.

The other side of dreams: Roy Orbison "In Dreams" 

Some people should not be dancing in the streets 

Research shows dancing not only improves overall physical health, it can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness. But take a gaze at this video provided by Strack Azar. It makes one wonder. 
Did I catch Mick Jagger drinking in this video? "Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video" 

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You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep 
because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr. Seuss