Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Planning something different (for me)

A bit of poetry

Michelle (poem)

When morning came Michelle was gone
Another wish had kissed the dawn
Yet as we dreamed what worlds were drawn
Enough to build lost lifetimes on

Each heartbeat sparked a fantasy
Was this how all was meant to be
Each footstep formed a memory
Of this and more she meant to me

Within her smile all doubt was gone
An endless flow of what could be
Delight upon our memory
As kisses called to carry on

Then darkness challenged fantasy
As yesterdays began to dawn
And in their wake such tears were drawn
Enough to draw Michelle from me

And so before time carried on
A kinder world were curtains drawn
Where flowers’ dew awaked the dawn
When morning came Michelle was gone

Mixed with this 

Wish us luck

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