Monday, September 29, 2014

Hold Everything 

I forgot about another group of our followers 

Oh yes, we made week two 

Behold the Snow (poem)

Behold the snow all clear and white
Within its glow a winter’s sight
It settled in sometime last night
While fires of passion burned so bright
He told her that he loved her so
He bared his heart to let her know
She knew his love was pure as snow
And that he’d never let her go
For them the clouds seemed always white
And kiss filled laughter all they know
They never felt the cold of snow
When every star showed future bright
Yet endless bliss just wasn’t so
For she had other dreams in sight
So much to do before her night
And so for now she had to go
Then in his hand was something bright
Which loosed a shriek into the night
Now hidden somewhere out of sight
Behold the snow all clear and white 


One day, the TV was on. No one was watching it. I was just about to change the channel when this came on. It made Youtube and I wrote a very successful report on it (which probably got the video an extra thousand views). Strange how fate works.
I'm just looking for a good excuse to use this video. 
In any case here is the Warriors of Goja

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