Thursday, September 25, 2014

Honey, he's still at it!

Call me crazy but I'm doing this for poets everywhere

(...and I heard that...)

Drifting Mid Your Smile (poem)

Let me spend this while drifting mid your smile
There beneath the sun in this gentle isle
Nothing there to want nothing to beguile
For a kiss of this all else was worthwhile
The problems of the day for this will have to wait
A whisper and a sigh are off to meet their fate
Nothing more to tell nothing to relate
For a kiss of this all else now negate
For flowers’ bloom live there within that smile
And dreams of kisses wait to meet their fate
While hearts felt secrets which they now relate
For this in this was destiny worthwhile
For now the jealous winds will have to wait
Let seas of trouble find some other isle
Let wasted words find others to beguile
Is born a cloud my smile cannot negate
A kiss to make this memory worthwhile
A kiss of something even dreams beguile
Those dreams which call us to some distant isle
Distant isle this while drifting mid your smile


We got a poem and an unrelated video from Youtube. Where are we going with this? 
To tell you the truth, I don't know. I have always done my best work on the advice of others. Take this blogging with Blogger, that was inspired by Allene Angelica. The poem and the video materialized at a Game Club meeting.Now I am in your hands.


The tittle of this video is: "You Poked My Heart"

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