Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It has been a week and I'm still here


And I'm grateful to have you with me. Thank you.

Whispered Kiss (poem)

Within each whispered kiss
I promise this
That I will ever be so lost in you
My purpose in all that I do
Each reason coming true
Moments so new
So few are these times when all disappears
Let’s share each whispered kiss
In moments of this
With every precious dream we share in sight
There all our tomorrows ignite
In feelings quite so right
Holding on tight
To flight as visions of paradise nears
Those moments of surrender
When time is so tender
Enjoying the splendor
Far off from life’s tears
Let’s bare our whispered kiss
And taste all of this
In hopes which will last far past forever
A love which nothing dare sever
To stray from this never
Our endeavor
Will ever be made up in golden years
Each moment of surrender
Our heartbeats so tender
This kiss is our splendor
As our purpose clears
To this our whispered kiss
Let’s hold fast to this
That here on our isle we’ll leave all behind
Here with you now are thoughts resigned
Let’s feel how love will bind
Wonder in kind
To find when whispered kiss again appears

When you're done kissing

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