Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lovers' Revenge 

Okay lovers, it's your turn to let your voices (views) be heard 

Who is going to generate the most views

Star Of Heaven (poem)

Oh star of heaven pure delight
Make one more dream come true tonight
A moment by your bless├ęd light
A wonder to make all things right
A world impassioned by your glow
Such Joy is felt within your flow
One final wish a heart would know
A memory might you bestow
What splendor would dance with delight
Imagined blossoms endless flow
In paradise which few may know
A wonder only you make right
If ever hope should lose your glow
Forever’s sorrows start tonight
And there is no more use for light
What else could emptiness bestow
My wonder of everything right
The reason that I feel so light
Will you grant me gift of tonight
Oh star of heaven pure delight

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This video has a bit of everything to make make it go viral. Norman Reedus... zombies... a tune... laughs... So, here for your enjoyment: "MORE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD: PART 1".

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