Saturday, October 25, 2014

From Stardust to Steal My Girl 

Sorry Joksters the mood was set by One Direction 

Now, I'm not a 1 Direction fan, but this video...! 

Stardust (poem)

Leave it to stardust this moment explain
Why all which once was is lost in your eyes
A wish to attain enchantment’s domain
Each breath of my heart in ecstasy lies
Leave it to stardust my feelings express
Endless and ever are pathways they climb
Once whispers shout yes as dreams they caress
Echoes of romance halt passage of time
Reason and meaning fragrances in air
Source of all of this yet unwritten song
Ever would declare what two lovers share
And ever’s rains is where we should belong
Leave it to stardust this blessing with you
As time will renew our stardust will too

As a transition piece I have chosen Vargo'd "The Moment", I'm counting on the visuals also 


One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet. This is important because you're going to want to get up and dance. As I said, I'm not a One Direction fan. I am a Danny DeVito fan and once the music started I was drawn in. The video's concept (according to Hollywood Life) was the "brain child" of band member Harry Styles. It was directed by Benjamin and Gabe Turner. It is being promoted as One Direction's craziest video ever.The video is not without its dark side. Animal rights organizations (PETA for one) have asked the group to cut certain portions of the video. Spokesmen for One Direction assures everyone, no animal was harmed or mistreated during the production of "Steal My Girl". To be honest, the video was so enjoyable I didn't even notice.This is a real good video (from a non-Directioner).
I know you're going to enjoy One Direction "Steal My Girl"

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