Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love, Love, Love but wait 

This edition is packed with love and I blame it on the viral video 

But if you put this aside you will miss what more made the video go viral 

Return To You (poem)

What can I return to you
For all which you have given me
Much more than life a fantasy
Each breath another memory
The reason I hold for each day
Light of everything I view
Once dreams which I held inside me
Are blossoming Joyful and free
Still wondering how could this be
That all lesser needs went away
Pathway for all which I do
The treasure of seasons to me
Your smile whispers my destiny
To stay by your side happily
And marvel as stars have their play
What can I return to you
If only this moment I knew
Would all my desires then be through
Or would longings begin anew
What splendors then would ensue
What heart’s return are you due
Don’t say that it was only me
Who wanders your love aimlessly
Unsure if acts pay proper fee
For ever with always to stay

To raise to mood up a little higher here's Andrea Bocelli singing "Mille Lune Mille Onde" 

Still here 

Did you know when two lovers gaze into each others’ eyes, their heart rates sometimes synchronize? In this Channel N°5 film we follow an intriguing story line, with Lo-Fang performing his version of  "You're The One That I Want". The story is very full and makes one wonder what is going on and where is this all leading. In the film Channel N°5 is hardly mentioned.... or is it? If you watch this film more than once you will notice the product, company and product line popping up and hidden in some interesting places. It's kind of a Channel N°5 version of "Where's Waldo".
See what I mean as you enjoy "CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want - The Film"

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