Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lovers are you still with me 

Well, close your eyes and drift away 

Read the poem and/or hit the play button on the music video first 

Touch Of Fantasy (poem)

I wait a timeless minute to explore
The meaning to a touch of fantasy
Of is this really happening to me
What heaven has removed my need of floor
What paradise lays waiting past the sea
What do the stars of ever have in store
Did beauty truly exist in before
Will dream grant me the key to mystery
And here I wait as tides of passion stray
Was there a time before I felt this way
Is every single hope within my view
In timelessness I feel a song’s refrain
Perhaps its kiss might help a heart explain
The meaning of this fairy tale with you

I have chosen this music to go with the mood - Arno Elias singing "El Corazon" 

I didn't forget 

Here is an interesting video. A lot of people don't like waiting at traffic lights. Well, here is an organization (smart) with an idea proven to change this. Rather than bore you with the facts and details just enjoy the video.
What is also interesting is, a video about safety went viral with over 6,500,000 views and growing. Is this a glimpse to future?
Here for your enjoyment is: The Dancing Traffic Light. 

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