Friday, October 3, 2014

Martin's lesson or experiment 

Why didn't the "joker's page" do as well as the "lover's page" 

Let's give this a try 

What a "Waist" (Limerick)

Such dreams would this vision ignite
This source of a young man’s delight
So how did he win her
This now big fat grinner
For whom she cooks dinner each night

Let Us Pray (Limerick)

The priest he had plenty to say
To man who threw marriage away
Of Satan’s dark hall
Where sinners will fall
And who’ll win the ballgame today


A love song "Love You Like a Love Song" - Meekakitty (take off) 


Now here's a question. Is this a real commercial for a real product or just a entertaining viral video? Jeff Goldblum was Born: October 22, 1952. You do the math. (There will be a test later.) I know... I know he's a good looking guy. And as a successful movie star, he probably has access to some great make up artists (some of who probably worked on this). But if there really are bulbs which can do this... you can bet I'm going to run out and buy the store out. (Sorry ladies, I now need that much help.)
Here for your consideration is Jeff Goldblum in "Enhance Your Lighting - GE Commercial" 

Now tell a friend about this blog. I need the hits to buy those bulbs. 

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