Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sometimes reality takes us  

And challenges how we view the world 

But for now let us get into a poem, some music, a useless fact and a viral video 

She Is There (poem)

In the streets she’s waiting
Waiting on some answer
Answer for some reason
Reason she is there
But all she sees is darkness
Darkness and surrender
Surrender to this evening
Evening of despair
Her sun awaits the morning
Morning filled with laughter
Laughter mixed with teardrops
Teardrops fill her prayer
For gentle mist now hides her
Her shadow midst the secret
Secret of a lady
Lady marred by care
And there he is her answer
Answer for this moment
Moment in an evening
Evening love affair
Somewhere a child is crying
Crying for its mother
Mother lost to hoping
Hoping child
Her precious child
The reason there is light at all
All this her prayers would spare

For you Lana Del Rey fans here's "Carmen" 

Those with squeamish stomachs are excused

At over 21,500,000 views and growing I would be doing a poor job not to show this prank video or if I didn't mention the name Wendy was made up for the book "Peter Pan." This video has been posted on Oct. 15th. Where it was brewing even the most popular viral video sites still don't know. Even YouTube missed this video's wild growth. It was made by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (VitalyzdTV) and his team for Halloween. Because of its realistic violent nature it carries an age restriction. 
WARNING - This video is very violent, though no one is hurt.
For those of you still with us here's "Chainsaw Massacre Prank!" 

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