Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ticking Ticking Ticking to an outrageous music compilation 

Do you like Taylor Swift, Usher, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, Goats and more 

Then you may not like me after this 

Ticking Ticking Ticking (poem)

The time it was a ticking ticking ticking
It’s hands were now heard clicking clicking clicking
For man in bed
No tears to shed
He smiled instead
Removed from dread
A life had he
Each memory
A dream set free
For all to see
And to this truth he’s sticking sticking sticking
He made his name
A thing of fame
As people came
His thoughts to claim
And at them they are pricking pricking pricking
And as his time was ticking ticking ticking
In love he fell
We know her well
He rode Joy’s swell
Though heaven’s hell
He knew his heart was tricking tricking tricking
He’s now alone
Left on his own
A life atone
To his Unknown
This candlelight is flicking flicking flicking
Now children play
Another day
‘cause people say
He passed this way
When time it was a ticking

What could go better with this poem - The Rolling Stones "Time Waits for No One" 


I was listening to the radio and this song came on. I just had to share it with you. Little did I know (then) it was a part of a compilation. But first, count the number of cricket chirps in a 15-second period, add 37 to the total, and your result will be very close to the actual outdoor Fahrenheit temperature. This useless fact is taken from a compilation of useless facts. I knew what made this viral video funny from the radio. I don't want to take away from you laughs. As the video continued I was taken in by which star and song would be victimized next. A complete list of credits can be found on YouTube. This viral video was made by CompilarizTV. 
I hope we are still friends after you watch "The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut" 

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