Friday, October 31, 2014

Your Time - Together 

Some say life is short - Others say life is long 

Regardless of what They say - This is your life - Live it 

Your Time (Poem)

Here is your time this moment meant for you
To touch the world and show it who you are
A peaceful scent perhaps a shooting star
A destiny now opens to your view
Yours is the voice heard calling from afar
A whispered sigh perhaps a windswept coup
I’m here oh world now watch what I can do
It’s time to bring your fashion to bazaar
And days to minutes join the passing stream
To hide in caverns shaded from the sun
A misty shadow comes to claim this dream
And though you fight you know it has begun
As you awake to world with strange new gleam
Here is your time enjoy what you have done

Since this edition is on the course of inspiration - here's Robert Morse singing "I Believe In You" from the Broadway musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" 


A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years and guess who is back in the world of viral videos. In this Nike Basketball hype they proclaim "This time it's bigger than basketball". As the basketball great rejoins the Cavaliers, all of Cleveland bands together. But there is more to this video. Something that strikes home with me. I have enjoyed wonders getting people to work together. A motto I adopted was "working together we can do so much more." With this concept vast amount of help was sent to the San Francisco pubic schools. Children who would have had nothing, were shown someone cares. Communities were brought together. There is much more than basketball in this video. LeBron James is sending out an inspiration. A message which has struck over 2 million (so far). This is your life - Live it.
I hope we all find some inspiration as in "Together | LeBron James" 

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