Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Cricket’s Song to the Ultimate Dog Tease 

Misery throws its shadow around every corner and still there is hope 

And with hope there is a smile 

A Cricket’s Song (poem) 

From somewhere in a summer’s moonlit night
A lonely song was searching for its mate
A cricket wondered why she was so late
And there amid that song my mind took flight
The cricket asked the moon to find her fate
And so the moon searched everything in sight
Yet as it searched it knew the lover’s plight
It thought the tears of sorrow could all wait
For somewhere was a lonely little bird
Now fought off tears to feed her family
The ways of life had shattered her dreams too
My heart was tossed within this song we heard
Somewhere somehow its chord as sent to me
And for this song I pledge my love anew

Keeping with the mood, here's Adele "Someone Like You" 

Are you ready 

George Washington's spy number was 711. Also, there was a none music viral video which got over 11 million hits the same day it hit YouTube. It was so popular that it was featured on ABC News, which helped to propel this already highly hot video. It starred Clark, a mixed breed dog, and his owner, Andrew Grantham. It became the model for countless other popular talking animal videos. "Talking Animals", Andrew's company and owner of this sensation, has put many other clever talking animal videos on YouTube, but none near as popular. 
And guess who is back - "Ultimate Dog Tease" 

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