Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Kiss Goodbye rounds up to a hot Classical Orchestra 

The madness of a dream or a dream come true 

Let us explore the various heats of this edition 

A Kiss Goodbye (Poem)

A kiss to wish reality goodbye
And take our chosen place among the dreams
Where everything is rarely as it seems
And everything that’s left will have to die
To this we follow passions through its themes
This dance that even chance knows how to sway
To tunes which only lovers know to play
While somewhere past delight excitement schemes
Dismiss all thoughts all hope another day
And feel the streams which long to know the light
The screams of whispers lost amid the blight
Which takes two dreamers places far away
Abyss an echo echoes through the night
The night a kiss kissed lover sweet goodbye
Goodbye sweet echo kisses a reply
Until again a dream a dream excite

I was extremely lucky to find this song and the accompanying video to go with this round - Nicos "Secret Love"

Leave any remaining sanity behind 

Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin both married their first cousins. But Bach on earth (or back on earth), someone got the idea to give a classical orchestra the world's hottest chili pepper. I guess they figured this was one way to get across what those who don't like classical music go through. Or, it is a real sick way to get us to listen (and watch). Here is the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie. The orchestra is conducted by Chili Klaus. That is his real name. They are eating ghost peppers which are 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Klaus, beside being the orchestra's conductor, is also a Danish Chili Pepper enthusiast. This also might give some insight into this funny viral video. 
Sit Bach (back) and try to enjoy "Classical orchestra eating the worlds hottest chili peppers ..." 

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