Monday, November 3, 2014

A Picture A Moment, Even A Tear, Cries For Aid 

What do these 3 tankas have to do with Taylor Swift 

I guess you're going to have to read this to find out 

A Picture A Moment (tanka)

There in a picture
Was a face I’d never seen
Staring back at me
Waiting for this one moment
When I could finally see

Even A Tear (tanka)

When even a tear
Born in sorrow’s endless night
Silent after all
Still springs sparkles of a light
What reflections do we see

Cries For Aid (tanka)

Hearing the voices
Cries for aid filling the streets
He ran to his home
And from is window shouted
Why doesn’t anyone help

Why am I playing this song??? Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" 


Did you know a strawberry is not actually a berry, but a banana is? But I bet you did know, Taylor Swift broke the biggest sales week since 2002 at 1.3 million-plus and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Yet (sit down for this), not everyone likes Taylor Swift. Doctors at Saturday Night Live have come up with an answer. It comes in the form of a new medicine that will NOT be going on the market for those affected by Taylor Swift vertigo called Swiftamine. 
Watch this noninformative, but funny, viral video and become more confused - "Swiftamine - Saturday Night Live" 

So what do the 3 tankas have to do with Taylor Swift? A riddle for another edition.

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