Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blend of Words to I Told You Not To Do That 

The magic from a bard's lips meets the laughter caused by shock of a magician 

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Blend of Words (Poem)

The sight
Of words
In flight
Like birds
These words
In herds
It’s not mere sound
Or thoughts unwound
That draws us in
To what there found
A simple spin
A sigh a grin
That takes me where
A dream has been
It’s there
To share
With flare
A light
To heat
Our sight
Then there’s a beat
An added treat
A special home
The heart’s retreat
We look we comb
We let dreams roam
Delightful tune
A hidden tome
And soon
Our moon
A dune
Thus ends
My friends
These blends
Of words 

It should be no big surprise as to my selection of song to go with this poem. But I went with Boyzone performing the Burt Bacharach hit (made famous by the Bee Gees) "Words" 

And Now 

Los Angeles' (California) full name is El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles. But Chris Ballinger is Chris Ballinger's full name. Chris is a Santa Barbara, California based Magician . Born March 16, 1983, he prefers to be known as an entertainer. With his "partner in crime (or entertainment)", GloZell, Chris runs a weekly YouTube series called "Magic Mondays". His most resent video went instantly viral. It even caught the attention of MTV News.
Get over your fear of spiders for a minute and enjoy "I Told You Not To Do That"

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