Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreams Of Yesterday to David Guetta's - Dangerous 

Yesterday is explored through a timeless tale of soft romance 

To a sex trimmed tale of memories, rivalry, racing, viral videos, success...   

Dreams Of Yesterday (poem)

Within me flows those moments far away
Where dreams were blossoms waiting for the morn
And every wish upon a smile was born
Then drift into another yesterday
Each kiss of hope a wonder from her eyes
The world I knew was flowing in her song
And every minute Joy would tag along
As yesterday would gain new paradise
Here was the reason that my heart beat for
The promise of a lifetime in a kiss
And every dear and precious gift is this
A treasure washed on yesterday’s sweet shore
Now every day is filled with endless strains
Confusing are the rivers near my smile
Reliving yet another tender while
As yesterday is all which now remains

To go with this verse enjoy Steen Thottrup's "I Hope Yesterday Never Comes" 


The line between the two numbers in a fraction is called the vinculum. Don't you feel like your whole life has changed knowing that?
David Guetta's "Dangerous" has been out for about a month now. The video directed by award winning Jonas Ã…kerlund is a Formula-1 themed video co-starring actor James Purefoy as the rival driver and countless models which make up the "scenery". "Dangerous" was released October 6 and the official video was released October 31. Both were well received and went viral. For some reason "Dangerous" did better outside the United States. It hit #1 on numerous international charts, but only reached 8 on Billboard's "US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs". This week "Dangerous" gained fire on America's dance floors and again made Billboard. The video was ignited by the fire and crossed 11 million hits.
So before you hit the dance floor enjoy "David Guetta - Dangerous (Official video) ft Sam Martin" 

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