Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life Familiar Gone to Politically-Challenged 

Exploring life not so familiar 

But before we laugh or cast judgement, let us step back 

Life Familiar Gone (poem) 

Sit down upon a minute wonder why
The world abounds so different today
What dream of hope casts rainbows in the sky
I wonder will I ever be the same
I drift in clouds and magic is her name
As to her song my heart is taught to dance
She is the sun which promises the dawn
And sets me on this pathway of romance
Confused I kiss a life familiar gone
No words can air the Joy I wander through
Or meanings reasons all which I have found
In ever after here within my view
Sit down a minute timelessness abound
As ways of love and her take me away

Not sure what drew me to this to go with this sonnet gone... (???) - Beatsole "Afterglow" (Blugazer Remix)


University students may know the male seahorse carries the eggs until they hatch instead of the female, but do they know who is the vice president of the United States or who won the American Civil War? A new political organization on Texas Tech's campus is stirring up a lot of commotion over this quandary. Raul Cevallos,  Poli-Tech president, was not surprised by the seemingly ridiculous humor of this video gone viral. Talking about the participants in this video, Cevallos says, "It's not necessarily because they're dumb. It's because they're distracted by so many other things in today's media." Cevallos believes students at other colleges would show similar results. How many people just don't know anything besides the pop culture questions? 
So laugh, if you like,,, but first step back - "Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition" 

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