Friday, November 21, 2014

Light to Even Santa Poops 

Just when our mind is deep in reflect in jumps stupidity 

And so it is with this edition... as the world turns 

Starlight Forever (tanka)

Starlight forever
Raining down on the flowers
Engaged in a kiss
Dreams far beyond a lifetime
Captured treasures passing by

Lights (tanka)

With his head turned down
His heart heavy with the shame
Weighing on his life
So when he turned the corner
Couldn’t see approaching lights

The Table (tanka)

Here is the table
Which had seen so much of life
Memories there fed
Magic moments were there spread
And now it sits so empty

Since we are traveling I thought we'd to it with William Orbit "Time To Get Wize" 

From the ethereal to 

The first 50 digits of pi are 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751. Now to the other side of that coin. It's hard enough to believe in Santa Claus. It is even harder to believe in a grown man going to the bathroom in front of 3 under aged girls. Still harder to believe is that we find all this extremely funny, with a touch of mature indignity. PooPourri (a real company) has crossed the "bathroom" line (at least on the internet). Poo-Pourri, an Addison Texas based company, was created by Suzy Bati. I am not promoting this product, but keep this in mind: if Santa is real he must have to go to the bathroom. The odor may not be Christmasy. It really might wake up a child or 2 or 3... So instead of milk and cookies, consider some house freshener. 
If you like fart jokes and/or bathroom humor, I won't tell as you enjoy "Even Santa Poops -"

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