Monday, November 10, 2014

Tale Of Lovers True to Taylor Swift's Blank Space 

Two tales of the unexpected 

With an extra song and a useless fact thrown in 

(Keep in mind this poem is a round. 
It has no beginning or end.) 

Tale Of Lovers True (poem)

How did it start he didn’t know
But what this was won’t let him go
He prays for death so this will end
What was the wound which he must sew
He just had coffee with a friend
A quaint old shop just down the bend
They shared a cup of troubled brew
So troubled heart could freely rend
He heard a tale of lovers true
A tale which sadly now is through
Friend’s wife was having an affair
A fact that he already knew
What his poor friend was unaware
Was he who held her favored stare
Seeing friend’s pain brought thoughts profound
And as friend left he just sat there
Then from outside came awful sound
A screeching car had target found
He dropped regrets to rush outside
And found his friend there on the ground
And there amid the blood’s red tide
He fell to deed with anguish cried
And there began the endless flow
As one man lived another died

I chosen to go with this round Gregorian "The Sound Of Silence" 

A useless fact away from why you're really here 

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was introduced in England in 1965. 
With that out of the way; it is no real surprise Taylor Swift's latest song, "Blank Space", would go immediately viral, as hot as she is right now. This video got over 5 million hits in less than 12 hours. Now one doesn't have be a Taylor Swift fan to get off on this very imaginative story line, directed by Grammy Award winning Joseph Kahn. Not to give the plot away, It has something in common with the poem (it is a round). Another interesting point: to avoid what One Direction ran into, Taylor Swift's people placed this in clear view for everyone - "No animals, trees, automobiles or actors were harmed in the making of this video." 
With that out of the way (FINALLY) here is Taylor Swift "Blank Space" 

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