Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That Perfect to little Kids play with paint and get it all over 

Away from perfection and those crystal palaces high in the clouds 

Are the fields of laughing flowers waiting for enjoyment 

That Perfect (poem)

A heaven’s wish has granted me a dream
To share the wonders waiting on life’s path
And heighten Joy with blossoms of her gleam
This one became my love my heart my soul
For her the sun gave meaning to the day
To be with her forever on my mind
And all my cares was focused on her smile
This world so real and fantasies entwined
Each morning’s kiss was better than before
As we joined to create something new
Such passions opened secrets to explore
With heaven’s gift the promise of my arms
And troubles there were far more than a few
For we were not that perfect after all

To go with this verse, I've selected Sonia's version of "Just The Two Of Us" (plus, it has a great video)

Are you ready 

Supposedly, a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why. But as surely a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, a young child will get into things when our eyes are turned. In this video, going wildly viral, dad catches his two young boys sitting in the bathroom, covered in paint. They got into something they shouldn't have and were trying to hide to keep from getting trouble. As this very cute video goes on, dad has a hard time not laughing, as will you.This video has only been up 5 hours (per YouTube) and has already caught the attention of Fox News, who say the video is now sweeping Facebook. 
Enjoy "Kids play with paint a get it all over their faces" 

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