Friday, November 28, 2014

The Flower And The Tree to Honesty Test 

A tender story if memories leads to a hidden truth 

It is hoped that this edition will strengthen our ties with goodness and hope 

The Flower And The Tree (poem) 

A flower returned to a tree
Since moonlights of being away
Was here where it once use to play
Was here where it now yearned to be
The tree had grown mighty and tall
Its branches bore its majesty
The seasons forged its memory
And still its shade graces them all
Wasn’t long before tree sensed the air
A flavor it seemed to recall
An echo from long distant fall
When springtime and summer lacked care
What is it which brings you back here
Are thoughts which the tree would soon bear
What forgotten past did we share
What once lost will now reappear
Was it shade from sun and the rain
Or mask when a strong wind was near
Or did my bough hide away tear
Can a flower make feelings plain
So the time past more than a few
Breeze carried tree’s song of refrain
Blossoms of smiles all it would gain
But secret hid only night knew
For ever brought on this display
Which flower and tree wandered through
This moment I once shared near you
Was all that the flower could say

To go with this story/poem I have selected BrunuhVille "Broken Bonds" 


The 'Golden Arches' of fast food chain McDonalds is more recognized worldwide than the religious cross of Christianity. Someone wake up. Media has done a real good job selling us our less than favorable side. The sad fact is: bad news sells. As the media paints a picture we are willing to pay for, we begin to believe the "whole world" is as bad as the headlines. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by the better side of people. I was happy to run upon this video. I was even happier and proud that it was going viral. It paints a different picture than we first expect. Roman Atwood and company wanted to find out how honest people really are. Roland even pushed the question by laying the challenge toward society's outcast. 
Get ready to be reassured: "Blowing Cash Prank!! - HONESTY TEST" 
(In another video Roland states that all of the victims tried to give the money back.)

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