Tuesday, December 30, 2014

By The Mirror to Just for Laughs Thug 

A person's reflection to a scene that could have gone better 

One is a deep search, one is a timely laugh, as we stand by a mirror 

By The Mirror (poem) 

Find me by the mirror waiting
One more dance
One more chance
One more moment recreating
Went their ways
Still I’m hoping she will find me
Silent now and lost completely
Ever dreaming I’ll be set free
One more dance perhaps then maybe
In the mirror now I’m searching
How could he
Let her flee
Imagination started working
Shadows fall
After all
Still reflecting tears I let by
Questions were asked I would deny
Now I’m alone wondering why
One more chance please life let me try
By the mirror mind debating
Feeling low
Should I go
Was it just my heart creating
dawning blur
Was it her

Perhaps not the best song for this, but it came to me: Richard Marx "Right Here Waiting" 

Are we ready 

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. Now, if you believe that, true or not, I was once a handsome bartender in Canada (not true). This real attractive young lady sits down and starts making eye at this guy... these guys. Just For Laughs (a Canadian comedy show) is at it again. This viral video is making a big resurgence out of Australia, thanks to Thugify. This attractive young lady's reputation is really getting around or else she wouldn't have attracted the attention of Thugify and over 700 thousand (so far) viewers. Or was it like experience,,, "must give us pause".
This is a comedy sketch by Just For Laughs, but if you get some satisfaction with your laugh... "Just for Laughs Thug - Thug Life" 

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