Saturday, December 6, 2014

Calling Calling to "You Raise Me Up" bulldog version 

A love is calling leads to warm laughter falling 

A sonnet's memory not so forgotten takes a classic to a delight in this edition 

Calling Calling (poem) 

Recalling calling fields of yesterday
Where youthful lovers joined upon a dance
And all the world breathed wonders to enhance
The kisses which would glide them on their way
Those times together hidden in a song
Of paradise in ever and a day
Tomorrow’s sorrows seemed so far away
Right here is where their heartbeats should belong
But those times drifted to the long ago
Before the winters told us we were old
Before we left our treasured fields be sold
What happened to those fools who once loved so
Still calling calling fields where lovers stray
Your soul cries out please listen to our truth
This paradise is not defined by youth
Rejoin those two while there is time to play

Vangelis and Vanessa Mae team up to bring "Roxanne's Veil" to this poem 


Cats have over 100 vocal sounds; dogs only have 10. This (useless fact) doesn't stop Junior. Junior is a French bulldog owned by Emanuele Zaubert. They live in Cologne, Germany. Though, Emanuele has been posting videos of Junior since he was a pup (Junior not Emanuele), Junior's popularity took off in a video where he sang "Say Something", back in October 2014. The viral video, though it got less than 250.000 hits, brought a ton of requests for more. Emanule listened. This led to "Dog sing You raise me up bulldog". This video flamed up in popularity, crossing 1 million hits. Junior now has his own fan base which includes a Facebook page and his own webpage, and even more requests for songs. 
Sorry the video contains so many boxes. Find the small "X" to get rid of them. 
That being said, enjoy; "Dog sing You raise me up (long version) bulldog" 

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