Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Date With A One Track Mind to wife leaves me alone with the baby 

Jokesters I haven't forgotten you 

Nothing but laughs in this edition 

The Tears of a Nature Lover (limerick)

Wife just wrecked their car that was new
Her husband shed tears quite a few
But wife couldn’t see
Why tears ran so free
Did tree I hit belong to you 

Date With A One Track Mind (limerick) 

Her cute date was really a mess
His sole thought was get in her dress
So later that night
When she said alright
It’s a little tight he’d confess

Time Heals All Wounds (limerick) 

As kids he was bully to me
Still I did his taxes for free
From wrongs I would sail
As good would prevail
And federal jail was my fee

Even if you don't like classical music you might find this video fascinating (to say the least) 
Dimitri Shostakovich "The Second Waltz" 

One more 

Believe it, China has more English speakers than the United States. 
This is 3-month old Emily. She has has been left alone once again with daddy. We dads are an unusual breed. My crime was taking my baby boy, Peter, to the toy store. I bought him every toy I... I mean he ever wanted. Imagine the look on my wife's face when she came home to find us playing with a racing car set. Peter was less than year old that day. Christmas!... Peter and I were two lucky boys. Don't tell me I'm the only father who had a guilty secret with their baby. Now, this is 3-month old Emily. She has has been left alone once again with daddy. 
Let's enjoy his guilty secret, "What happens when my wife leaves me alone with a baby" 

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