Friday, December 26, 2014

Dreams to Santa Claus Caught On Camera 

What is a dream, really 

Once we figure it out, we are free to live them 

Dreams (poem) 

I can’t prove to you
Or tell you that they’re true
If only we knew
What wonders we can do
Who am I in my easy chair
This throne of my accomplishments
Telling you about all the...
Sharing with you all of the...
Enchantment’s hue
Or just a madman’s spew
Things we thought were through
A sleeping hope renew
Who am I in my silly years
This throne of a life well spent
Recounting all the precious...
Memories of moments with...
Some things hold on to
Visions bearing your hue
Just an old one’s view
Picture promises drew
Of dreams

I bet you already know what song I've chosen. That's right "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" performed by Bette Midler


Rumor has it the first department store to feature a visit with Santa was the J. W. Parkinson’s store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1841. But this didn't stop the Fisher family. 7 year old Evan has been a good boy all year. He really wanted to see Santa. His older brother and uncle (Santa) with the help of a Go Pro camera brought a dream to life. Evan's parent received the gift of seeing dreams unfold. And as this video goes viral, we see proof that we too can create dreams and bring Evan's Joy to others.
There was one down side to this whole story. 
Rumor has it Evan only got 2 hours of sleep after "Santa Claus Caught On Camera!" 

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