Saturday, December 27, 2014

Drifting With Daises to Anchor's Dalai Lama Joke Falls Flat 

Sometimes one feels the confusions of reality 

As we are scooped up in the hidden winds of life 

Drifting With Daises (poem) 

Drifting with daisies a paradise lost
Searching the heavens whose will had I crossed
But here in this mire my soul is now tossed
With dream to return no matter the cost
Drifting with daisies a paradise lost
I asked the flowers where did I go wrong
I lie to my tears the pain won’t last long
Grasping at answers to help keep me strong
A silence in the wind bode my destiny
Searching the heavens whose will had I crossed
To face tomorrows just flowers and me
The wind touched my heart to lost memory
Once there were children with daisies would stray
I thought the kisses forever would stay
But here in this mire my soul is now tossed
Confused by the cloud which took Joy away
Hopeless the echoes which ruled all around
If this is the life to which I am bound
I shouted as I tossed daisies on ground
With dream to return no matter the cost

To go with this poem: Zamfir "The Lonely Shepherd" 


Even today, with all our technology, meteorologists claim they're right 85% of the time (nature vs man). Perhaps this gives some insight into the mind of Australian anchor Karl Stefanovic. Karl had the privilege of interviewing the Dalai Lama. For some reason, Karl decided to open the interview by telling the Dalai Lama a joke. Though really funny, for all the wrong reasons, it was a decision that will not die. When the original video went viral (3 years ago) many others were anxious to jump on the band wagon by making copies of the video, not to mention other news programs that picked up on the story. Needless to say Karl Stefanovic was quite "the talk of the town." To make it worse, one of the many videos keeps surfacing to get more views and remind Karl of his decision that fateful day. 
And here I am to join the recent upsurge of social media once more making fun of Karl Stefanovic and "Raw Video: Anchor's Dalai Lama Joke Falls Flat" 

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