Monday, December 29, 2014

Katherine’s Moments to Raiders of the Lost Bark 

A lover's invitation to a magic moment 

One for lovers, one for pet lovers 

Katherine’s Moments (poem) 

Katherine come journey with me
Don’t close your eyes to moments to be
Moments which wait a lifetime to free
Can’t you feel it ticking
Moments on the pages
Of a book unfinished
Whispering its secrets
To a heart left longing
For a tune to follow
Katherine come journey with me
Don’t close the door to moments to be
Moments which wait a starlight to see
Still they are repeating
Moments dreams surrender
To forgotten slumbers
Wishes cast in sunsets
Drifting in an ocean
Reasons left behind
Katherine come journey with me
Don’t turn away from moments to be
Moments which wait a fond memory
What veils keep disguising
Moments once so hoped for
By that endless fountain
Of refreshing waters
The myriad of seasons
All reflecting you
Moments which wait for your destiny

Let's top this off with Vargo "The Moment" 


The electric chair, used in executions, was invented by a dentist. Does that make one wonder? Okay, okay... have you ever wondered what your pet is doing when you step out for a moment? Well, Zach King (of FinalCutKing) did and with the help of 3 rolls of duct tape, 108 glue sticks, 18 large boxes of cardboard and a little paint created a clue into a moment. Now, this may not be exactly what once occurred when Zach stepped out, but it does give some insight into the airplane in the backyard. Airplane in the backyard! 
Maybe we should take a moment to enjoy "Indiana Bones - Raiders of the Lost Bark" 
(Lesson - Never name your pet Indiana Bones) 

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