Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mist Of Sunset to YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014 

As two lovers kiss their glories become part of a past 

Gazing at their sunset's uncertainty they find a warmth in the world they built 

Mist Of Sunset (poem) 

Now that the moments of magic have past
Stardust and moonbeams return to a song
Echoes in kisses those splendors prolong
As mist of sunset is dawning at last
But in our day such brilliance blessed our glow
Past limitless the paths which we would try
We were the spring which flowers blossomed by
Imaginations marveled at our show
Impossible to us was but a word
As we sparked life’s enchantment everywhere
The streets we danced forever know our flare
And with my all a make believe was stirred
You kiss me asking can a dream come true
I gaze at sunset wishing that I knew

To enhance these lovers' mood here's Giovanni Marraddi "Land of Dreams"


It is estimated that golf courses cover 4% of North America. So that explains all the golf balls in the yard.
As far as the viral video for this edition, it is YouTube's turn. 6 months ago Kai Hasson (the director) began to work with YouTube to collect 2014's memories for our enjoyment. Portal A was the main creators and performers. With this video YouTube and Portal A tried to celebrate the moments, memes, and people that made 2014. "YouTube Rewind" represents the culmination of thousands of hours of work from the top production team in the business, collaborations with hundreds of YouTube’s brightest stars, and more time spent watching YouTube videos than can be mentioned. Portal A and YouTube traveled the globe to bring this video to life. This was also done, per Portal A, to bring out YouTube's global influence. Were they successful? I was lucky to stumble on this video hours after it was posted. In 8 hours it has already crossed the 5 million view mark. 
So as the sun sets on 2014, let us enjoy "YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014" 

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