Sunday, December 28, 2014

Moments Made to Dad gets daughter an actual Frozen Doll 

Moments of love, moments of laughter, moments of treasure forever 

Make those moments a gift of life 

Moments Made (poem) 

They met amid the splendor of a past
A dream perhaps or maybe so much more
A scent of something they had lost before
From here the timeless seemed to go too fast
Within their eyes were passions which they wore
From fantasies the couple wandered past
The moments made in magic kisses cast
The moments made for ever to restore
But now a dream which dances in the mist
The moments made is now stage left bare
In minds of many lovers are dismissed
As moments life begins to slowly wear
They met in dream which ever will persist
The moments made when jasmine scents the air

Great video and song to go with this: Eugen Doga "The Scent of Love" 


Most catfish have over 27,000 taste buds. Quite a gift for a bottom feeder. As far as our taste buds, let me wet them for a video now going wildly viral with a personal true story. One year, my family had a real good financial year. Together with our usual big Christmas soiree, my wife and I decided to have some fun with our son Peter. Peter was 10 at the time. He and his sister, Robin, woke up to find there were more than normal mounds of gifts under the tree. After all the gifts were opened, Peter sat in the middle of a "toy store" of great presents with a very sad look on his face. Peter was very polite, so when questioned what was wrong, he said, "nothing." He was hoping for a gift that wasn't there. I asked Peter to turn on the television, so we could watch a little TV while he and his sister put away some of their toys and our guests arrived. And there it was! The one gift Peter was hoping for... an Xbox. It was in clear view and all set up. Peter had completely overlooked it, expecting to find it in a wrapped gift. A great moment. 
With that gift told, here's another dad having some fun (and making a moment) with his daughter: "Dad gets daughter an actual Frozen Doll for Christmas part 1" 

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