Monday, December 22, 2014

My Whispers to Funny Nativity (children choir) 

Whispers of a past meet the sweet (yet loud) reality of a moment 

A poem of hope, a video of Joy and laughter 

My Whispers (poem) 

Return my whispers back to me
Those silver stones of destiny
Which others blessed my eyes to see
That from restraints I would be free
Each dream at night an open door
Each lingered light which yearned for more
Was I the sight they waited for
Or just a might whose hopes restore
The stars in heaven danced for me
Hearts set adrift I offered more
We delved into worth wishing for
That for a time lost youths breathed free
As shallow winds rushed by our door
We dreams explored our destiny
A brand new flare our world to see
As fantasy some truth restore
From other’s hopes I soon was free
But our new dawn I couldn’t see
For it was past my destiny
Return my whispers back to me

To go with this verse I've selected Marga Sol "Goodbye" 

Get ready 

The Motown female group The Supremes, which dominated the pop charts in the 1960's, was originally called The Primettes. The choir in this video wishes to be unnamed; so does the church and anyone having anything to do with this video, for that matter. Sources suggest that the mother of the baby playing the baby Jesus shot this video. Why all this secrecy? You are about to find out.  The star of the video is an 8 year old angel (wings and all). But, she is missing one thing. 
How long will it take you to find out what it is? "Funny Nativity" 
(Well, maybe more than one thing) 

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