Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paradise Times to Keys in a Box (car ad!) 

The memory of a love returned has nothing to do with a car ad 

But if first your car ad does not succeed then try, try YouTube 

Paradise Times (poem) 

Upon a night not long ago
We sat and watched a fire fair glow
While sharing moments we loved so
And lost ourselves amid the flow
This time we spent in paradise
Where dreams were themes made to entice
For chances which would not come twice
And kisses cast were oh so nice
Such moments made in times ago
Rich splendor stars we would entice
We’d fly away and not think twice
And live forever in time’s flow
But fragile was this paradise
Whose magic luster was our glow
How is it we forgot it so
Were kisses cast that oh so nice
And now we’re lost in strange new flow
That paradise we miss it so
And yet we live amid its glow
Upon a night not long ago

To o with this verse, I've selected Yuri Kane "Right Back" (Chillout Mix) 


A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. What that has to do with Toyotas, I'm still not sure. But, Oak Lawn Toyota, in Illinois, sells them (cars not cockroaches). To do this they came up with an ad, "Keys in a Box". They borrowed a song by The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake, "D--- In A Box", and added the own (cleaner) words. This low budget video was written, filmed and directed by Joe Mallet and stars Parker Gadbois, Abby Urbano and Joe Mallet. Reviews on the video is quite mixed (from great to awful), but everyone agrees it is funny. What about the bottom line? Did it help to sell cars? I don't know, but it did go viral. 
Whether you need, want, expect, would like... a Toyota, for now enjoy, "Oak Lawn Toyota - Keys in a Box (Full Music Video)" 

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