Monday, December 8, 2014

River Flow to a 4 year old: Driver for a Day 

As one dream dies another begins 

Dream while you can and breath your life into that dream 

River Flow (poem) 

A dream I had so very long ago
To join the wind which helps life’s river flow
To be a reason that the flowers grow
A helping hand which hope will come to know
I fell in love as other people do
I got a job to see my household through
I cared for wife and children as they grew
And for this while this was that dream came true
But in my sleep danced thoughts of long ago
Of something that I never quite saw through
Of something lost as other somethings grew
Its truth my world right now refused to know
And I grew old as other people do
There’s comfort in my now so daily flow
The dancing in my sleep with time would grow
But who I had become denied it’s true
Sorrow’s regret a friend that I would know
As flowers danced so cold did I now grow
And as I sat and watched the river flow
A dream I had so very long ago

What could be more fitting than Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris, "Lost On The River" 


Adult elephants can’t jump, which brings us to 4 year old Carson. Carson loves trucks, so it was no wonder he developed an admiration for Mr. Ernie, his neighborhood's UPS driver. Mr. Ernie delivered a special formulation of milk to Carson's door three times a week and he gets to drive a truck. So it became Carson's dream to b just like Mr. Ernie. UPS found out about Carson and decided to make his dream come true, as part of the shipping company's "Your Wishes Delivered" campaign. Carson became a UPS driver for the day. If this wasn't enough, Mr. Ernie, a 25-year UPS veteran, got all choked up because his dream was to deliver a dream. 
Now it is our turn to get all choked up: "Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day" 

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