Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sweet Flowers to phenomenon while driving after a break-up 

The sweetness of hope followed by the harshness of humor 

This edition takes us from hope in the trials of loss to a rude awakening 

Sweet Flowers (poem) 

Sweet flowers rolling weeping on the ground
What hardened heart was formed to leave you there
Who else this night has shared the fate you bear
What wind of sorrow has a lover found
Such beauty as her heartbeat you did share
And with each kiss between two lovers drowned
Each whisper made you flutter mid the sound
Was it your scent which tipped passions to flare
What careless thought made bitter words ignite
What madness masked a lover’s will to see
What sadness cast you down when it was through
Sweet flowers weep no more for it’s alright
This night will pass into a memory
Until it does this heart will care for you

I came across this sweet prom highlight: "CHS Class of 1970 Senior Prom.wmv" 


As of 2012, 1 in 8 Americans has worked at a McDonalds restaurant. See if that completely useless fact comes in handy in a relationship or the end of one. McDonalds?! This forlorn, broken-hearted lover is having problems with his car radio. It keeps reminding him. This is another "sleeper". It was hidden in some closet. What is interesting is it hasn't hit American YouTube lists. But in the United Kingdom and Canadian YouTube, this video has reappeared on their "Popular Right Now" lists. This is putting the video back on American viral video lists. More information guaranteed NOT to help a relationship or the end of one. 
Before we get too confused, let's enjoy: "A Phenomenon that can Occur when Driving after a Break-Up" 

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