Sunday, December 7, 2014

Things Look Better In The Night to Calgary's Worst Driver 

Take away the loudness of bright clarity and what remains 

After laughing at the mysteries of a viral video we may readdress this question 

Things Look Better In The Night (poem) 

Things look better in the night
No distractions world less clear
Shadows falling thoughts do steer
Captured by a lonely light
Softer thoughts does it ignite
Sun filled embers of the past
Moments never meant to last
Things look better in the night
Sharpened edges seem less bright
As soft veils do cloud my mind
Echoes heard are far behind
Dark uncertain toys with sight
Day’s tomorrows less polite
Why do heartbeats linger on
Do they know that she is gone
Victim of some appetite
Things look better in the night
Memories become a tear
Haunting winds are all I hear
Faded glimpses hold me tight
What will spare me from this plight
Dream to carry me away
Gentler fields for mind to play
Things look better in the night

To go with this verse here's Secret Garden "Sanctuary" 

For a break 

Truck driving is the most dangerous occupation for accidental deaths, but YouTube's worst driver is in Calgary, Canada. It took this driver over 4 minutes to get out of this uncrowded parking lot. In the end a by-stander had to help. The video, captured on lot's surveillance camera, caused Calgary police have opened a criminal investigation to see if charges were warranted against the driver. The video has caused both amusement and outrage on the Internet as more people are being exposed to the story. It was even reported, by the Calgary Sun, that one of the investigating officers posted the video on Twitter. Instead of garnering information, upped the laughs and embarrassment. As a spokesperson with Calgary police confirmed they’ve identified the driver and the owner of the struck car, and an investigation is underway, the viral video rages on. 
(The video has no sound) 
Maybe after the laughter someone can unravel the mystery of "Calgary's Worst Driver" 

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