Monday, December 15, 2014

This Minute to "Blank Space" Parody (Mom Version) 

Facing one's minute to facing the minutes of a mom 

It all comes together or apart with this edition 

This Minute (poem) 

Face this minute
Shaking shaking
What are you afraid of
We’ve been through this before
Staking staking
Every time you face a challenge
Confronting new things odd and different
Something in us stays the moment
Breaking breaking
Such strange thoughts you fear
Running through our imagination
Creating an unknown world
Which we must flee from
Aching aching
But who are you to judge
The path that has brought us here
And molded this fine fellow
With whom we now must deal with
Strolling streets familiar
Faking faking
Turn around and see
This person once called we
Who helped to fashion he
Someone to shame
Someone to blame
Someone our specter is
Raking raking
Facing this minute
All that remains
Shaking shaking

If you've never heard before, introducing: Steve Osaka "Alright For Now" 


Women blink nearly twice as much as men, and this might (or might not) explain why. Whats Up Moms is the collaborative efforts of three moms, Elle, Meg and Brooke. Together, it is their goal to inspire, inform, and sometimes make us laugh. The three met in Los Angeles, California and took their dream to YouTube in April of 2012. Together they have 6 children, Elle 2, Meg 3 and Brooke 1. They have enjoyed great success with their YouTube fans. They now have over 268,500 subscribers and over 46,501,500 views. Their topics cover a wide variety of helpful subjects not just about being a wife and parent, but about being a successful person, Though most of their videos have gone viral,
none has been as richly successful as: "Taylor Swift - 'Blank Space' PARODY (Mom Version)" 

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