Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Distant Shore to Au Naturel 

Cleanse well our minds in tankas of love, spirituality and fulfillment  

Before we are dragged through the realities of advertisement  

A Distant Shore (tanka) 

On a distant shore
Hand in hand he is with her
On a night like this
Close your eyes and you’ll see them
Drift into another kiss

Gazing The Dreams (tanka) 

He spent such moments
Gazing the dreams in the sky
There by the river
Which ran through fields of flowers
Blossoming for attention

Sail On Beyond (tanka) 

Sail on precious time
Beyond the meaningless shores
Flowers forgotten
Empty the river of tears
And find your way back to me

One last rational thought via music: William Orbit "Time To Get Wize" 

Now WOW 

Elvis Presley loved Hamburgers (specifically Cheeseburgers) and would eat up to eight in one sitting. According to legend, his favorite burger joint was the Gridiron Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. What do hamburgers have to do with an "all natural" girl strolling around busy farmer’s market. The Au naturel girl is Guess' top model Charlotte McKinney, who some say is the next Kate Upton. She is promoting the all new, all natural ingredients of Carl's Jr, burgers. She is also promoting and proving sex sells. What Carl's Jr and Charlotte McKinney didn't know or foresee was a voice would rise from the "Twitterverse". It seems some people think the burger chain is saying, with this ad, women are no better than meat. Carl's Jr. is looking into the controversy and may change the commercial.
So here is the realities of advertisement; "AU NATUREL - The All-Natural Burger Extended Director's Cut" 

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