Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Dream Was All to Police DashCam Confessional 

A warm whisper of a searching soul 

Does it run through others. Is it the Joy of mornings found. The smiles we share.  

A Dream Was All (poem) 

To search the world this wonder was resigned
To find the meaning of another day
To find his something hidden far away
To end imagined feeling of dismay
And to this cause he let his passions stray
A dream was all this lover left behind
And so he searched the earth both far and wide
Unsure what hidden secrets would unwind
Uncertainty would be his constant guide
To find a treasure reason’s words defied
For this his quest he brushed all else aside
A dream was all this lover left behind
And then he turned his search into his soul
Perhaps tis there the spring to make him whole
Some hidden mystic memory confined
In time sublime such silence would he stroll
The ways of stars were paths he would console
A dream was all this lover left behind
As wonder wandered puzzle still remained
His heart yearned solace searches had all drained
As toward tomorrows through his tears he strained
He caught a light a cloud had left behind
A gentle smile which hope and faith maintained
A dream was all this lover left behind
Now sunsets blesses end to fantasy
In every search together they will be
He found the meaning of reality
And when she asks what brought you back me
He turns to her and to her heart confined
A dream was all this lover left behind

To compliment this verse: Nouvelle Vedette Featuring Fleur Sanderson "Dreaming" 


Someone paid $14,000 for the bra worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film "Some Like It Hot". No, it wasn't this police officer of Dover, Delaware. This is Captain Jeff Davis cruising in his police vehicle. His actions (or groove) was caught on his department's dashcam. To give the public a more "human" side of the people who serve and protect, the Dover Police Department posted their video on YouTube and were pleasantly surprised when it got over 84,000 visitors in its first 24 hours. Officer Davis blames his daughter, a big Taylor Swift fan, for knowing the words of “Shake It Off” so well. The department does want the public to know: the video took place while Officer Davis was patrolling a secluded parking lot. The popularity of this video is now running wild, whether it is the popularity of Taylor Swift or the charm of Officer Jeff Davis. 
Now crossing 4 million views here's "Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)" 

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