Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Yesterday to Little Boy Really Likes Frozen 

Lovers recapture magic moments as another sweet moment is made 

Take this edition and live, love, laugh and enjoy 

Another Yesterday (poem) 

A summer of another yesterday
Has let a special moment slip away
A fancy even time could not restrain
There are no chains to keep this gift at bay
Across the golden meadows it did skip
Sweet memories of lifetime it did sip
The air is scented by its Joyous reign
As veils of endless wonder it did grip
Come closer as the magic of it nears
As all the warmth of summers reappears
Don’t ask our hearts for reasons to explain
Just follow feelings built throughout our years
And ever will that moment here remain
As kisses cast the way of its refrain

To go with this "Sonnet of a Different Kind": Lalah Hathaway "That Was Then" 


During the day, if someone sings a song around you there is a 90% chance you will find yourself singing it sometime during that day. Useless and questionable. What is not so questionable is, Idina Menzel's BIG hit "Let It Go" (from Disney's "Frozen") is everywhere. Observers have noticed its popularity seems to increase the younger the audience. Joe Bereta, a sketch comedian and Youtuber, was fortunate to capture on video the cute effect "Let It Go" has on one toddler. The mere sound of the song sets this fabulous young boy in motion. Not only is he cute, considering how old he is, he is amazingly good. 
Thank you Joe for sending us this precious memory; "Little Boy Really Likes FROZEN" 

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