Saturday, January 10, 2015

Beyond Endless Reasons to 

Tennis Star Venus Williams and The Best Ball Boys in the World 

Romance and cute cuddly imagination meet in this edition spiced up by One Direction 

Beyond Endless Reasons (poem) 

Beyond the endless reasons is your smile
The reasons which I never could compile
Beyond the pleasures that my heart beguile
The endless wonder flowing from your style
What heaven brought this sacred gift to me
What shining star so blessed my destiny
Are you the dream of paradise set free
Or just the Joy to warm my memory
What precious thoughts are dancing mid your smile
Such beauty shines behind its destiny
To set a course as yet uncharted free
To show enchantment something of your style
What heaven could there be awaiting me
If I like fool left heartbeats to compile
Or let some other reason soul beguile
And cast a blight upon a memory
Such fashions filled with pleasure I could style
Expressions of the ways which you beguile
A lasting lover’s list I could compile
Beyond the endless reasons is your smile

For my One Direction fans, an early look at the band singing a song perfect for this verse; "You Are So Beautiful" (from X Factor 2010)


It was estimated, about 42,000 tennis balls are used in the matches of the Wimbledon Championship. Chances are you didn't know that, but you might have run across the names of the tennis stars Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetova. The 2015 ASB Classic are happening in Auckland, New Zealand. During a practice exhibition Williams and Kuznetova were introduced to their ball boys, Ted, Oscar and Super Teddy. These three were billed as the "best ball boys in the world", and were big crowd pleasers. Ted, Oscar and Super Teddy are a Border Collie, a bullmastiff and a Jack Russell/Norfolk Terrier/Miniature Schnauzer cross (that was a mouth full). The three adorable additions performed their roles perfectly. There was only one playful mishap, when Kuznetova and one of the ball boys wrestled over a towel, to the delight of Williams and the spectators. 
The big question is: will these three mark a new beginning. "Venus Williams and The Best Ball Boys in the World | ASB" 

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