Saturday, January 31, 2015

Evening Of The Cat to  Djokovic vs Abrams Semi-Final 

The realms of the unexpected has opened its doors  

Shall we go in 

Evening Of The Cat (poem) 

He planned every moment for this
And hoped there was nothing amiss
To mar with his evening of bliss
A treasure he’ll long reminisce
But then came the sound
Of that darn cat next door
Making all kinds of noise outside
Not tonight please not tonight
His window he close to noise
And focuses back on his poise
With sound of sweet music he toys
Perhaps it will boost evening’s Joys
But that darn cat outside
He can still hear it’s hellish meowing
Crying to a lovers’ moon
The one he will be robbed of
Just maybe in time cat will leave
He still had enchantments to weave
His delight his senses retrieve
In moments with dream he will cleave
Still that incessant cat
Pestering festering his every last nerve
Until through window he shouted
Can’t you please shut up
And there was quite
Perfection now ready for her
With all that a heart could confer
He wondered what wonders would stir
When he made the one he loved purr
But insanity aroused
As the cat continued its nightmarish chorus
Causing him to retreat for a friend
And as he and the rifle opened the door
Who was waiting there

(Note: This poem was written with an open ending so that each reader may add their own imagination.)

To go with this poem/tale, what could be better than Rossini "Thieving Magpies" 


The first puck ever used in a hockey game was a frozen piece of cow... (well, you know). A far step from 2015's Australian Open Tennis Tournament, in Melbourne, and world’s Tennis Champion Number 1 Novak Djokovic, from Belgrade, Serbia. Djokovic is matched up against WW II's very own M1 Abrams tank. The mastermind behind the match is filmmaker and visual effects expert Michael Shanks. Shanks used original footage from a match Djokovic played at this Australian Open Tennis Tournament where Djokovic just makes it to the finals. The video hit the internet before Djokovic defeated Switzerland's Stanislaw Wawarinka. After defeating the Abrams, Djokovic goes on to meet Andy Murray (OMG an easy to pronounce name). 
One last note: It was pointed out the M1 Abrams was a bad sport. "AUS OPEN 2015 - Djokovic v Abrams Semi-Final" 

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