Friday, January 30, 2015

He Dreamed to Weather map goes crazy 

What is the problem with a dreamer or a weather map with a mind of its own 

The next step... 

He Dreamed (poem) 

He dreamed about a world in harmony
Where every child had food enough to eat
And brothers met with Joy amid the street
Together building world of what might be
He dreamed of discord that was in retreat
Where school were tools to possibility
And what hurt you might someday come for me
Together we would learn that we’re complete
This time to share to care is oh too brief
What wasted word another heartbeat takes
What last purpose was his soul now deemed
He dreamed about a world beyond belief
Where men were measured by the change he makes
And while the world was waiting there he dreamed

Once we learn our good dreams are memories waiting: The Piano Guys and Alex Boye "Paradise" 


The sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the alphabet. It's true. Just ask your computer. On second thought, you better not. It might get mad. Like the computer that controls the weather map on Phoenix, Arizona FOX News 10 did. It wasn't counting on weatherman Cory McCloskey's imagination and on the spot handling of the situation. Live and on the air, FOX News 10 did have a technical issue which Cory, totally impromptu, turned into a hilarious moment. The incident went viral and if you ask your computer you'll find news stations all over are talking about it. (Don't worry, your computer won't get mad at that question.) 
For now, just enjoy "Weather map goes crazy live on the air" 

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