Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here Was The Moment to 

How To Make A Brad Pitt Film 

From imagined moment to moments of imagination (with a little help from Brad Pitt) 

Here Was The Moment (poem) 

Here was the moment which he never knew
The dreams and lavish wishes had come true
The promises of morning came in view
The shackles which had bound him now were through
His dance of freedom was the day’s delight
Such wonders could his fingertips ignite
What once were thoughts would dazzle people’s sight
Did ever ever share a star so bright
His hands held kindness others wished they knew
Forgotten were the things he would ignite
To be like him was lofty dreamers’ sight
The world had changed before his day was through
A simple soul this pleasure and delight
Who for his time could make mere dreams come true
He shared with other secret of his view
So for all time his spirit would stay bright
But doubt and fear made all this sleeping through
And comfort’s shackles waited for his view
There in his mirror was reflection true
Here was the moment which he never knew

To run along this thought: Silhouettes "Of Monsters And Men" 


According to Business Insider, about 65 people become millionaires every day. (But, one has to wonder why this is a useless fact.) Still, to get us "hopeful film makers" a little closer to our first million I have enlisted the help of that Great Movie Star Brad Pitt.  Well actually, I didn't get Brad Pitt, Bobby Burn a YouTuber of Cinema Sins did. In fact Bobby didn't get Brad Pitt either. He just threw a lot of Brad Pitt clips together and did a lot of talking. Actually, I doubt Brad Pitt has even seen this video. I was going to tell you a few interesting things about Brad Pitt, but unfortunately I have gone on too long, down the wrong road. I do hope this video helps. 
What were we talking about? Oh yes, that first million... "How To Make A BRAD PITT Film In 4 Minutes Or Less" 
(Yes, I did use the name Brad Pitt a lot. Maybe this will give us a few more hits. hee-hee) 

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  1. You are truly an amazing writer I am envious in a healthy way. God bless you keep them coming pls