Monday, January 26, 2015

Listen Lightly to Adorable daddy daughter standoff 

Lovers gather near, for we start in a world of romance 

And end in the realm of cuteness and laughter 

Listen Lightly (poem) 

Let’s listen lightly as I hold you tight
To song which seems to echo through our heart
One wonders where such music has its start
A dream perhaps beyond the edge of sight
A whispered wish which waits to play its part
This melody of memory’s delight
A tune to turn dark doubts to something right
And magic moments made for us to chart
So many tears have passed to bring us here
Such sounds of sorrow bared beneath the moon
Such sacred secrets shared with stars above
But here we hold to hopes a bit more clear
Like dancing daisies taken by a tune
Let’s listen lightly to the song of love

A little mood music to go with that: Quincy Jones "The Secret Garden" 

Now let's go to those realms 

It has been argued that 90% of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants. But that is not what this standoff is about. Meet Garth and his 15 month old daughter Lola. They are having one of many to come father daughter discussions... standoffs. At first, I thought Lola was trying to make a point about Garth's questionable choice in pajamas (his not hers). But maybe she is standing on the table to help them see eye to eye. As it turns out, it was just a exorcise in cuteness. 
And in the end, Lola gets the hug she deserves. "Adorable daddy/daughter standoff" 

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