Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shadows Pass My Door to Old Spice Nightmare or laugh 

There is a strange hope echoing through the truth of one's memory 

While a nightmare turns to silliness 

Shadows Pass My Door (poem) 

I hear shadows pass my door
Echoed laughter from before
Hopes of heaven to restore
I won’t see her anymore
I hear shadows pass my door
Singing through my memory
Of the things which use to be
To this shell which once was me
Music coming down the hall
Echoed laughter from before
Precious moments still recall
Kisses celebrate them all
Constant noises would abound
Still some comfort could be found
Hopes of heaven to restore
Knowing that she was around
Look at hour it’s getting late
When will heart learn to bear weight
And open door to our fate
I won’t see her anymore

To capture the mystery of this rotation: Bliss "Unanswered Letters" 


The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. This, though impressive, is a lot less time than Kerry Crews took Old Spice commercials from the legend Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa. An action star, TV personality and former NFL football player, Terry Crews stars in the pre-Super Bowl commercial for Old Spice. Rumor has it, Old Spice is considering a whole new advertising campaign. Speaking to Muscle & Fitness Terry said, "Me and Old Spice, will be changing what commercials were. You could actually watch commercials for entertainment now, and that was unheard of before." (It sounds like there are more commercials in the works.) Terry and Old Spice promise to throw out the old commercial rule book (whatever that is). Confused?... 
As an example of whatever we were talking about, here's Terry Crews starring in Old Spice's ad promoting their new electric shavers. "Old Spice | Nightmare Face" 

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