Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Silent Sea to Honest Pirates of the Caribbean 

On one shore a legend searches while another begs closer examination 

Will another dream come true or will the sea echo the laughter 

Silent Sea (poem) 

Oh silent sea I feel your endless waves
They’re earning ever turning at my shore
With promises my soul can scarce ignore
What do you bode which once was me now craves
A pathway to the lost and evermore
Is this the treasure hidden in your graves
The Joyous dancing fond among love’s slaves
Confused enticement leads me to explore
Oh silent sea what music do you mourn
Which causes you to search this sand of time
Do teardrops pierce the depth of mystery
Oh silent sea can losses be reborn
Some rift between the meaning of life’s rhyme
Where music and lost lover wait for me

Let's turn to the classics to capture the hope: Britten "Four Sea Interludes - Dawn" 

And now 

The Dead Sea is the world’s saltiest body of water. I know because I read it on Facebook. The same Facebook that led me to "Honest Trailers - Pirates of the Caribbean" by Screen Junkies. There are those who will tell you Disney's blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean" had its origins from Disney's family amusement ride with the same name. Though a big box office smash, there are some who believe the whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise was not that positive on Johnny Depp's career. There are even those who believe pirates were really like that. There are even those (though they shudder at the box offices of old) who spread rumors of film 5 of the "trilogy" (which used to mean 3).
Here, Screen Junkies tries to make some sense of it all, or at least make us laugh; "Honest Trailers - Pirates of the Caribbean"

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