Friday, January 9, 2015

Something In My Drink to 

Best lip tutorial you have ever seen 

This edition carries a warning: All the love, magic and laughter may be in your drink 

Something In My Drink (poem) 

I’d say I was a bit confused
A welcome wink got best of me
And now my mind feels so misused
Into her world I’m doomed to shrink
Or was it something in my drink
Her smile another passing mist
Which added to her mystery
Within a time we could have kissed
Was it there my mind would slink
Or was it something in my drink
Go talk to her and take a chance
Perhaps to spark a memory
Or give some reason to a glance
What madness brought me to this brink
Or was it something in my drink
We talked and laughed a shared this while
Forever our eternity
Forever this would be our isle
But it all vanished in a blink
Or was it something in my drink
I often stroll that day gone by
When drifting on a dreamy sea
A question that needs no reply
Was then I fell in love I think
Or was it something in my drink

What song could go better with this: The Coasters "Love Potion Number Nine" 

BIG Plus 

The official chemical make up for the common sugar cubes is (C12 H22 O11)3. I have no idea what this means because I just finished watching a video by Jenna Marbles and am still lost in insanity. Jenna Marbles (Jenna N. Mourey) is a successful YouTuber from Rochester, New York. She holds the notoriety of being the 7th most subscribed to channel on YouTube and the top channel operated by a woman. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Suffolk University and her Master of Education at Boston University, but life's twists has landed her in the world of comedy and entertainment. In this video Jenna Marbles turns her talent on Kylie Jenner, more particularly her lips as they are "the latest thing". Of the many makeup tutorials on YouTube, few have survived this one. 
Do Not Try This at Home! "Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial" 

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