Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Song Of The Lost Lover to Obama Mixtape - State of the Union 

A lover deal with a lost love - A democrat deals with republicans 

What a world - What a mixed up edition (Or is it?) 

Song Of The Lost Lover (poem) 

Beyond the frozen moments of her pain
There by the swollen river of her tears
As sorrow’s shroud now steal each sweet refrain
It feeds upon the sadness which it hears
Beyond remorse in valleys of her fears
Where heart has lost its reason to sustain
And shadows of an ending never nears
It breeds the hopeless fields whose flowers drain
Was it the dream who swore to hold her tight
Whose promises mere words toward her dismay
Was it the song which scented her delight
Then cast despair to lead her soul astray
Drift on fair princess whispered through her night
Tomorrow’s dawn is miseries away

To go with this dark sonnet here's: Holly Smith singing "A Lover´s Tale"  


In 1920 Socialist Eugene Debs received 920,000 votes for president of the United States. Yet he ran his entire campaign while in jail. Who cares? Who cares? Perhaps some of the people who still watch the State of the Union address. But why should anyone? The press has made such a "three ring circus" of it all, just for the sake of entertaining us. At what cost? At what cost? Maybe the Gregory Brothers: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan, makers of Schmyoho and "Songify" have stumbled onto something. "Our world may be better as a song." By now, there are plenty of viral videos of our President singing. But there is something more to this video. 
If it were only so. If it were only so. "Obama Mixtape: 1999 - Songify the News Special Edition" 

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