Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stardust Kisses to Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam Fail 

Romantic moments remembered by some 

But put off by others 

Stardust Kisses (poem) 

Sunset echoes footsteps through the night
Memories of moment out of sight
Dancing lovers in enchantment’s light
Stardust kisses never felt so right
Music’s mist would spread from everywhere
Joy’s perfume brought magic to the air
For this instant nothing else was there
Time aside was made just for this pair
Days became the meaning of this night
Thoughts and whispered thrills would spark the air
All his ever-after was now there
Stardust made this place for love so right
From this place their souls leapt everywhere
What is there that could bar a lover’s sight
Or hope to extinguish passion’s light
Dancing lovers dream has made this pair
Stardust silence ended all so right
He awoke to greet the sunset light
There forever vanished from his sight
Sunset echoes footsteps through the night

Let's heighten the mood a little. You'll see why. AndrĂ© Rieu performing " Waves of the Danube" 


The first telephones did not have bells and were connected all the time. In order to attract the attention of someone on the other side of the line, one would have to yell, “Ahoy!” into the receiver. What a difference to today's mobile devises. Speaking of today's mobile devises... The Kiss Cam catches couples kissing at sporting events. It is thought to have originated in California in the 1980s, at baseball games. The "Cam" scans the crowd and selects a couple, their images being shown on the giant screens in the arena. The couples are then invited to kiss one another, encouraged by the rest of the audience. Once in while something goes wrong. At a Chicago Bulls basketball game one of those times was caught, went on YouTube and went viral. Here is a guy whose cell phone is more important than kissing his girl. 
Get ready to laugh at revenge: "Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam FAIL - MASCOT STEPS IN || VIDEO" 
(The actual video, going viral, was not as clear as this one, which was posted a day later. I like this one better.) 

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